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Posted by Admin Eson on Tuesday, March 3, 2009 in

I love love love green...did I mention that yet? Okay...I really, really want to share some inspiration I found around recently so here goes.....

I just now discovered this Esty shop...Mummy sam and I am in deep deep love

I just adore this so very very very much....Amanda Blake's work is amazing
Oh Le Train Fantome....I love your work so very very very much...I got up at 6am to try and get this today but it was not meant to be....

Found this on the inner web...really, really really want to make a fox and have for a long time now. Foxes are my fav...at the zoo I am in love with the teeny tiny fox.(I have been told he is a Fennec fox) Usually he is sleeping but I still love him.

I took this one...it's from the zoo...I know I have more of this guy but this was what I could find quickly..I adore him.

This photo is just amazing to me. It is a great shot, I love the sweater so so so much ( wish it were mine) and the idea of the black triangle is brilliant. I just love it and it inspires me...it is from Christopher over at flickr

So there you have it...a wonderful Tuesday is coming to a close...still time to chill and time to sew. Lucky for me we just got another Entourage. We are on Season 3 disc 2 and loving every minute of it. It took a few episodes for me to fall but now I'm in deep....I adore Netflix and have no idea why we didn't do it sooner. We signed up for 2 movies and week and it's perfect. Now when nothing is on and we are tired and I want to sew we watch Entourage. Life is good....oh and Andrea Zollo...I heard a song on the radio today that sounded a lot like one of your songs...I left it on your phone message...check it out...weird wacky stuff.
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