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Posted by Admin Eson on Wednesday, March 4, 2009 in

Memphis loves squirrels...we found this on Valentine's day and had to get it

dino collection

we love these...Soren loves them so much

A cool vintage calendar that has the same calendar as this year...weird wacky stuff
the Gucc

the life of a boy....

So today was a blur...drop off Memphis...go to Post office...go to Target...come home feed Soren again...play with Soren...clean house...vacuum...and during Vacuuming I hear the buses leaving (we live near a school) and I think geez that's a lot of buses for 1:20 and then I seriously jump and say "OH CRAP!!" I run to the school calendar and sure enough it's early dismissal day. OMG I have to grab Soren...get his slippers on...get his coat on....put him in the stroller and run out the door....we live close so I get there not too late and lucky for me the wonderful Miss M is there (she was a student teacher for Memphis' class) and I thank her and tell her I owe her. I felt SOSOSOSO stupid. I have not done that yet and I still can not believe I did. Lucky for me Memphis was not upset at all. I still feel really dumb...really dumb. The thing is usually they put a notice in kid mail but I never saw one this time. Man...I can't believe I did that....lucky for me I heard the buses. So not much new to report but I will leave you with a few more favs of late....

hello....can you say jealous...

I have always wanted this tablel set
I adore this
I love Raeburn ink very much

I am actually going out tonight....gasp...see y'all tomorrowie
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