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Posted by Admin Eson on Wednesday, May 6, 2009 in

Donna Wilson's Doll....she has a new book out now...I don't knit that well but maybe someday.... I really want one of her dolls.....so bad
Astulabee new horses....so beautiful and she is such a sweet person and great Mama
I love the work of Natascha Rosenberg....I would love this doll...

I always say how much I love love love Mimi's tattooed men....

Superninon.....Tania is brilliant and so nice

Le Train Fantome....I have tried to get one of these so many times....I love her work so much and I am crazy for handmade dolls...:)

Debivanzyl at Etsy has some amazing talent...and one day I will get my hands on one of her creatures....

Xin of Doinky Doodle's is super nice and I love her style so much....
I adore Heidi...she is a super mom...super person and she always inspires me...how does she get it all done????

Cathy Cullis uses such soft colors and I love the fabric combos...she is great

I could of had this little one....darn...too much thinking and not enough clicking and she was gone...
I love the work of Cat Rabbit

(*all the above photos are not mine and are being used for this post...they belong to the people mentioned by the links)

Hello friends...today I decided to highlight a few of my favorite plush and plush makers...of course there are many more but here are a few...I know I mention some of the same folks sometimes but that's because I am crazy for them.
In Soren news...tooth #12 is giving us a run for our money so it has been tough going around here.
Swine Flu is settling down a bit but it continues to worry Memphis.
I am going thru yet another rough patch...continue to be too tired and not much time for me of late...the hardest part of having kids is the loss of me time. I know it will come back soon but seriously...sometimes not having any co-workers or a very big support group is way too hard for words. He is walking now...a lot. Still a bit wobbly but oh so cute. He has no fear and just goes for it. He laughs most of the time and is a lot of fun. We are very lucky to have such a wonderful family.
So...Happy Wednesday to all and as promised I am going to be plumping up the 'ole bloggy blog....xoxo thanks for stopping by!
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