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Posted by Admin Eson on Wednesday, June 3, 2009 in
He he he! It's because of me that Mom puts the baby gate up sometimes.

I luvs sitting by the open slider looking out and sniffing all the airs outside. Well, one day last summer, Mom had the the blinds closed and I was there looking out between them. All of a sudden she saw me get up and I was walking between the blinds and the screen. Then she noticed no movement of the blinds so Mom was curious as to where I went. She looked over in the corner and then behind the couch. Then she looked outside on the balcony AND THERE I WAS!!! I had worked the screen away from the door in the lower right hand corner and just walked out. What was amazing was that I am terrified of going out on the balcony and Mom was shocked to see me out there. Normally she'd have taken a picture but she was so darned mad at me she scooted me back inside and then tried repairing the screen.

Now she's paranoid about the slider being open so when she's not around, she puts the gate up so I won't be tempted to do that again. Debbie came the closest as to why. Good guess!

Today is the day Mazie Grace has her eyeball surgery. We are wishing her lots of luck and hugs and purrs that it goes well.

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