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Posted by Admin Eson on Thursday, June 4, 2009 in

When I saw this at 'I Can Read' I knew I would do a post about being happy...I just LOVE this so much...seriously it's PERFECT!!

Gucci makes me happy most of the time...even when he is a bit of a handful

My little Viking makes me happy
These two together make me happy...and apart too

Flickr makes me happy all the time and so do all my amazing flickr friends

Vintage hats make me happy that you were not expecting to find....(I look so tired :(
Summertime and Memphis make me happy :)

This hair cut would make me happy...hint hint Andrea...

Doinky Doodles hearts make me happy...and so does their creator the talented Xin

Animals make me happy and so do bright colors...
(this was taken from Ebay a long time ago...vintage puzzle)
one that got away....

Fabric makes me VERY happy...this is one I missed from Ebay too...

this makes me happy and is from Anthony Burrill...

Dollhouses make me happy and so does decorating....

Our good friends Robby and Kim make me happy because they are amazing and love our kids so much...xo

This yard makes me VERY happy and I would be even happier if it were mine :)

Plushies make me VERY happy...these ones are from Rosa Pomar, one of my very first handmade Plush inspirations :) Which reminds me...I still don't own any Rosa Plushies...hmmm

Alone time with my handsome hubby makes me happy
Sunshine makes me happy
a CRISP Fall day makes me happy
Coat season, when it first starts, makes me happy
Coats make me happy
Clogs make me happy
New non-dairy coconut ice-cream with Magic Shell makes me happy
Long walks make me happy
Creating makes me happy
Sewing always makes me happy...unless I have an off day...like yesterday...
Being ready for the day makes me happy
order makes me happy
a clean home makes me happy
a clean car makes me happy
Soft blankets that smell fresh make me happy
THE BEACH makes me happy
Swimming makes me happy (but I have not been in way too long)
Reading a really good book makes me happy
a beautiful quiet garden makes me happy
a pedicure makes me happy
photography makes me happy
letting somebody cross the road while I am driving makes me happy
ideas make me happy, very happy
Chihuahuas make me happy...as well as many other dogs
the idea of Christmas makes me happy...the reality can overwhelm me
getting rid of stuff makes me happy especially if you sell it or give it to somebody that needs and or loves it
a freshly painted room makes me happy
new couches make me happy
a white floor would make me VERY happy
a dishwasher would make me happy
The colors green, orange and yellow make me happy and oddly enough purple is sneaking in there too...oh and soft blue too...
driving somewhere with a purpose makes me happy
being fit makes me happy
eating fruit makes me happy
new sheets...nice ones...make me happy
blogging makes me happy
My Ma makes me happy
when someone says something kind to me it makes me happy
my kids playing together and laughing makes me happy
our daughter with an idea makes me happy
being alive makes me happy...most of the time :0

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