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Posted by Admin Eson on Thursday, June 11, 2009 in

Yeah that's right...I do...uuhh huhh....by Christopher David Ryan

Found at 'I Can Read' love this blog

I love this...capes for dogs from Bug Duds...I also LOVE the photo

Super cool vintage inspired plush by Misako Mimoko...

Beautiful Doll from Cocon

Love this also by Christopher David Ryan....they are called Sleepy Heads which is so perfect for me these days...I love this guy :)

Super amazing Sewing cards you can make for free from Beeper Babe

Woke up
less tired
Soren actually slept more
maybe he is feeling better
Got kids and myself ready for the day
usual amount of craziness ensued
dropped off Memphis
hit Target
Love the Woodstock stuff
love the picnic baskets
was super careful
did not buy much
only what we
wanted so much more
Soren fell asleep in the car
now is napping
must eat lunch
Thinking a lot about re-org
need to get my whole life in order
kinda busting at the seams these days
still nice out
fans are on
ordered some amazing sandals
did not work
took a photo of them
will post on flickr...man they are gorgeous
just don't work for me...they were even on sale and I had a credit...
oh well
Must eat lunch
have a wonderful Thursday and remember to smile a lot and if you can
Dancing is good for your soul!
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