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Posted by Admin Eson on Wednesday, July 1, 2009 in

Tania....you are amazing and this makes me smile very big....wow...I love them both so very much!!!

Lulubug love this...I think more people need to read this and act accordingly...

Someplaceelsewhere I just love this....hmmmm

AbigailPercy...I love this too

Love love by Umbrellaprints

So...still in a funk but fighting my way out.
Thanks so much to those of you that left me such kind words, Jennifer, Jenny, Holly, Amy, Kristen, Lulubeans to name a few. I really and truly appreciate it so very much and at least I know that my village is growing and the members are all amazing and truly wonderful ladies.
So...not much news on the sewing front...still stalled but slowly trying to come back to life.
Many errands of late, a birthday party at a place called 'Pump It Up' for a classmate of Memphis. Lots of dog walks.
A few park visits.
Made it to the library.
Fabric store visits.
Trader Joe's
Visit from dear Portland friends...Kim and Robby
trip to Ballard
Missed book club
missed party for friend turning 40
lost my mind a few times
Memphis had to go to the ER....she is okay...long story....
Soren is still waking up 3 to 7 times per night????????
The weather is gorgeous.
Not a huge fan of the 4th but at least the weather will be good.
No shop of the week this week.
Gotta run right now...afternoon playdate coming up as soon as my boy wakes up.
I will try and smile more than I frown and I will fill my head with positive thoughts about myself and the world.
Thanks for stopping by
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