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Posted by Admin Eson on Wednesday, September 16, 2009 in
So waaaaaaaaaay back in June Sarah Day and I did a trade......well...she did her 1/2 and mine straggled along just a wee bit later...but I had to hang onto this amazing doll until Memphis' 8th Birthday in September.....and FINALLY the two Super Ms met!!!! Seriously it was love at first sight and she now proudly has a special place on Memphis' bed and in her amazing Plush collection. Anywho...I just wanted to brag a little about Super M and share the two Super M's finally!!! Sarah is amazingly talented and super duper duper nice. She has a super cool blog, a great shop and we are flickr friends as well. Thanks soooooooooo much Sarah!!!! We love our mini Super M!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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