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Posted by Admin Eson on Sunday, October 11, 2009 in

My Husband's favorite...from Lou Lou and Oscar..love this guy

My Favorite from Ninon

Cotton Monster...so cool

Gleeful Things...our daughter loves this guy

Resurrection Fern...this guy is the Guardian of the rock

Mochimochi Land...mossy ground...wow

Chris Creatures..big smiles

Yummy Pancake...this one makes a cool noise

Crochetdoll...I love these

Daniellearama...love this guy...so does our daughter

I just wanted to share some more of the pieces that are in Plush You...
I am going to do another post tomorrow about the actual show and how fun it was.
Jason, Memphis and I went to the Friday night showing...at Schmancy, Fancy and Nancy.
Then Memphis and I went to night number 2 at Bluebottle Gallery and The Anne Bonny.
Then today Memphis and I went to the showing of 'Handmade Nation'. It was one busy , busy weekend and I had a lot of fun...
more on all of it tomorrow....
for now....
I must sew...so very inspired.
Oh and I lifted my thrifting ban for the day(come on...Halloween time is awesome at the thrifts)...and scored at Value Village...plus I think the Mom daughter alone time was super fun and amazing....life is good!
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