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Posted by Admin Eson on Sunday, October 11, 2009 in

...Perfectly Parker and his Mommy! Congratulations on being the winners of the Warren Kimble cat cheese spreaders and tweety twirler. We will be contacting you soon to make sure we have the correct address for mailing.

Minchie was the only one willing to be the one to pick the winner and as an incentive, Mom had to hide treats in the bottom of the bowl to get him interested. Leave it to a Mancat!

We want to thank everyone once again for your generous outpouring of help in this difficult time for our Mom and her not having a day hunting jobbie to go to. All but $45.00 was raised and that is so much easier for us to handle. We treasure each and every one of our wonderful friends we've met on the CB! What a great group that comes the the aid of those in need. In the past we have helped many and just hope one day soon we will again be able to.
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