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Posted by Admin Eson on Monday, October 12, 2009 in

Please see my flickr site for details on each photo...I have most of the maker names but if I am missing one that you know please let me know :)

So.... with a bottle of wine for Kristen in hand and my camera we headed out to Plush You 2009 on Friday. My Ma came over to watch Soren so it was just Jason, Memphis and I. I took as many photos as I could...it was very crowded and some pieces were harder to get photos of. I was thrilled to see so many folks out to see the show. There was sooooooo much amazing plush it made my head spin. We bought Memphis a Cutesy Poo Gnome and I bought a plush Ring from Raeburn Ink. I wanted soooooo much more. It was so great. Our good friend Rose came and hung out with us and we saw a lot of other friends. I did however fail to meet many fellow makers but I did talk a bit and that's good. I am not so good at big functions. I tried to maintain enough energy to go for drinks with fellow makers but I did not have any energy left by the end of the show and besides Soren was home with my Ma and she wanted to get going early and we had Memphis...so.... Then the next night Memphis and I spent Ma/daughter time together....it was great. We walked all over and saw the rest of the show at Bluebottle Gallery and The Anne Bonny. Memphis brought her pen and paper and wrote notes and stories while we talked and I took as many photos as I could. I also tried to write down all the artists names but missed a few. So...if I did not get your piece in a photo it was not for lack of trying. I loved so many many many but definitely had my favorites. I always do.....and for taking photos of the pieces Kristen gave me a gift....thanks so much Kristen. I seriously think that a Plush You Show catalog should be made and sold....it would be so much fun. So...I rediscovered my city, was super social, felt like a part of something bigger than myself, Saw Handmade Nation with my daughter, had quality time with my daughter, broke my thrifting ban for a day, got very inspired and had a whole lot of fun.....wish you could have been there....can't believe it's all over....phew what a weekend!! and can I just say...I am soooooooo ready to get sewing...:)

pps....if you see a piece that you would love to buy let me know and I can tell you what venue it's at and help you get a hold of them. You can also contact Kristen at Schmancy directly and ask her.
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