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Posted by Admin Eson on Wednesday, February 17, 2010 in
For 5 days Mom took care of a neighbors kitties while they were out of town. This cutie pie is JoJo. She's a tiny little very vocal black and white girl that sounds just like a Meezer, but she isn't. JoJo has a calico sister, Sammy, who is very shy and only came out once but Mom never got a picture of her.

JoJo was more than happy to pose for the flashy box.

In the evenings Mom would stay an hour or so and watch tv. Sometimes JoJo would join her on the couch in her cat bed or would always be close by.

JoJo loves attention and head scritches.

She even has a heart shaped black patch on her back!

JoJo got caught up on the counter trying to steal dry food out of the container off to the right.

Guarding her dry food container.

Each time Mom would leave, and she would go down in the morning and evening, she'd make sure the lid on the container was on good and tight and up against the back splash.

But when she'd come back, the container had always been moved and the top was always off. Gee, wonder who did that! Better yet, how did she get it off!!!

JoJo loved sprawling out on Mom's legs.
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