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Posted by Admin Eson on Friday, March 12, 2010 in

This is SOOOOOO me...from Ashley G

So pretty...from Rubycquins

Must have... Jenniferramos

I can not stop looking at her shop...I want it ALLLLLL
from LilaJizo....amazing

Hey there...Hi there...I have been gone for far too long.
I have some great news but can't share right now...in fact...it will be awhile.
Life with two kids....love it...love it but oh so tired.
Our friend Robby visited us from Portland last weekend to help us out and to see the kids and us and it was so amazing. He is such a fantastic friend and this weekend he is coming back with his wife Kim...(also are super good friend) to help more and visit.
I wish I could elaborate...but I can not.
So...what else is new?
Well...I am in the process of sewing up as many Jack Rabbits as I can possible sew.
I am also trying to clean things out and organize my life.
Been super tired because Mr. Soren is not sleeping well..wakes up about 2 x's a night and he will be two years old next month...OMG!!!
How did that happen?????
He is so amazing, his vocabulary has tripled in the last month. He knows how to ask for what he wants/needs and he is not shy about it. He has a lot of amazing facial expressions and arm movements to go along with them. He is so excited to go pick up his Sissy everyday from school, he loves to walk and he is a snack a holic.
So...sorry to be gone so long.
Happy Friday to all :)
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