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Posted by Admin Eson on Wednesday, May 12, 2010 in
Mom met Dad down in the lobby and brought him upstairs. He walked in first and came over to the cat tree where I was perched on the top. He said hello and I got a little scared because I didn't know who he was so I jumped down and ran around to the back of the couch. Mom kept calling for me to come out so I did meowing all the way.

Had to check out the bag of goodies he brought.

Here Dad is petting me while I'm sniffing out this very cool wand toy.

Oh boy! There are even more toys and goodies in the bottom of the bag!

Here Dad is feeding me the organic treats he brought.

Mom said the look on his face showed how much he still loved me. He is so happy that I have a good home. We want him to come visit anytime he wants.

And the SHOCK of the evening was when Laila came out of hiding in the bedroom to see what all the excitement was!

This is all the cool stuff that was in the bag. He even brought Mom two pair of absolutely beautiful earrings his brother's fiance made! You may want to check out her website.

Note from Mom: It was a most enjoyable and great evening! I don't think Minchie really remembered his dad, but it has been almost two years. I also found out he found Minchie on Craigslist. A gal had to get rid of him because she was highly allergic to him. When he went to her house, he said her arms were all red from the allergies. Sadly his dad may be moving to New York for a job, but we are happy for him. We will always stay in touch and he gets to visit us each day on the blog.

Thank you so much, Ozgur, for driving all the way out from Chicago! I just wish Minchie hadn't been so sleepy toward the end of the visit. Guess all the excitement just wore him out! This meant so much to me to finally get to meet you in person! And thank you again for all the wonderful gifts for Minchie and Laila and my earrings. It was so nice of you.

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