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Posted by Admin Eson on Friday, September 1, 2006 in

Hey...just put up an end of summer/Start of fall sale on my etsy site www.LookWhatICandDo.Etsy.com. Trying to clean up shop and get things FRESH!! So...please go and take a look see. I am super excited about this weekend. I am going to work my butt off and put some new stuff in my shop. I plan to yardsale and we have a birthday party and wedding to go to. How will I find the time? I have no idea. That is my problem...I am a really bad time manager and as luck would have it I have very little time to manage. I am staying up waaaay too late these days and not getting out of the house early enough. I actually get up early just can't get moving as early as I would like to. That's why a post on A Bird in the Hand was super helpful the other day. I really need to get the book she mentioned. Go and check it out. I adore A Bird In the Hand!!!! So my daughter and I are off to Ikea today to meet my Ma. We like to have lunch there and mill about. That is my daughter likes to have potatoes and french fries. Such a starch head just like me. We are also both vegetarians. I started it and now she is really into it and she is only 4 1/2. Well...gotta run....lots to do and not enough time. Happy Holiday weekend. The photos are of course some of the Love=Creatures included in the BIG SALE!!

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