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Posted by Admin Eson on Monday, September 18, 2006 in

So...I am a stay at home Ma and I have to say that my new blog obsession and Flickr obsession is really helping me to stay in touch with the outside world. I am going thru a very low social period. It's my choice and it's sooo weird. I just want to stay in and sew and hang with the fam and pets.....
It's not a bad thing I guess but it kinda freaks me out. I am a Sagittarian...we are supposed to be social. So thanks to all of you bloggers and flickr folks. xoxo P.S. super glad A Bird In the hand is Back(thanks for mentioning my squirrels).....also thanks to Daddy*Drama for mentioning me in your blog and to Knotty Bits for giving me a HUGE blog mention and linking people to my blog/Etsy site and SuperMaggie page plus put some shots up on her/their Flickr (WOW!!) and Poniesandsugarcookies for the mention and toosmalltocount for actually reading my blog and the compliments and to and twostraighllines for the awesome book mention (Last Minute Fabric Gifts) and asilasil for mentioning me on stylehive...and atoz for putting my shop link on your blog and everyone that went to SuperMaggie to buy one of my plush :) when I remember who I forgot I will post it next time.......I am soooo thankful I found Flickr....it's amazing. What would I do without the internet??? That's a very sad thought. oops the cool plush my daughter is holding is from www.Marjonvanstijn.etsy.com
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