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Posted by Admin Eson on Monday, February 26, 2007 in
Paul with Lily at Target.....
Daily Drawings from ObsessiveConsumption.com
Loving my Jackalope from A Pinkish Color..Meg Rocks
We absolutely love Paul and Erica is sooooo nice...go to Raplapla now and check out her stuff. I absolutely love Paul. He speaks French and has a very big heart.
I have ALWAYS wanted one of these little books from Obsessive Consumption and now I have one!!!!!! They are only $4.00 and I adore mine!!! Kate Bingaman is soooo funny and I love documenting things and the idea of documenting everything you buy is sooooooo amazing...I really want to do it to. She also takes amazing photos of consumer realted things and is an all around cool person. I have never met her but that's what I think.
My Jackalope came from the Etsy shop A Pinkish Color, which I think is a really great name. Meg is super nice and gave me loads of tips about Portland. I have always had a thing for Jackalopes. When we drove out to Washington from Illinois (where I was born) when my folks got divorced I saw my first one. I immediately asked if I could have a postcard with a picture of one and that's how my obsession began. I was actually planning on making a Jackalope Love=Creature but had not had the time to do it yet... can't wait to make one.
I have much more to share but that's it for now. I love mail when it looks like what's above. Hope everyone is having a wonderful day. I am still feeling icky but better. I think I had an episode. I have Sarcoidosis...it's a mystery disease and it is in my lungs. I have had it since 1997. Super fun times. I had to go thru many tests and a minor surgery to get diagnosed offically. Anywho I may be having a flare up or I may have a sinus infection that is causing my Sarcoidosis to flare up?? AAHHH. So sick of feeling icky. So off I go to rest and sew. Hope the week is a good one. xoxo
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