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Our teeny tiny new friend Lotte

CATEGORY: | Thursday, May 31, 2007
Hello Little Lotte Born May 30th
Memphis is in LOVE with Lotte
Of course I love it...it's Anthropologie...
Really cool sale find
This week was watching day...I loved it.

Wow...what a week it has been so far. I am finally starting to feel better....but not great. I see a light at the end of the tunnel...and for that I am grateful. It has been scorching hot here...part of me loves it and part of me is screaming...tooooooo hot...We have walked the dog...went on power walks...ran errands...and I even went and bought myself some warm weather clothing. It was hard but I actually found some shirts. I feel like a whole new person...well almost.
Whsl order is done and I will share where it is going when it gets shipped and is on it's way. Trying to get rid of all clutter...well some of it...and I am in love with that little baby Lotte. I am soooo proud of both Rose and Ken. Rose looked soooo beautiful this afternoon. I have photos but don't feel she would like me to share. I had to show off that little Lotte though(pronounced Lottie)...short for Charlotte. It was amazing holding her in my arms this morning. My friend Rose is like the little sister I never had. I just love her to pieces and I don't know what I would do without her. We have been friends now for over 10 years. I love her sister and her Ma too and her sister's son. Memphis adores him and they are the same age which is really cool. Anywho I am bursting with happiness about that baby!!!
Also...a customer of mine from Etsy has been emailing me and she sent Memphis and I an amazing package of goodies. Her family owns a new age store she sent us sooo much I was amazed. I will post some of what she sent this weekend but I just wanted to say thanks Lacey!!! It was really, really nice of you and we were both very happy!!! I still can't believe you sent it all!! Lacey also reads my blog and I am working on a special order owl for her...man after that package my owl better rock the house....xo

We watched most of 'Craft in America' it was amazing!!!! I want to buy the DVD's . So great...loved the people, music and it was just so well done. Not everything was my style or taste but I was in awe of the work and energy that went into all the crafts. I loved some of what was said...'There is no difference between art and life'...'A visual buffet'...and my favorite was
'That's why I like the idea of the after life...fly on the wall whatever..to be able to see how good I was' Anywho...it was really great. THANKS LISA!!! If it wasn't for you I would have missed it.

3 Flickr favs
Love this
Milk Magazine is my fav...LOVE it
This series is amazing...
ok one more
I just love this photo

My Love affair with Flickr...continues

CATEGORY: | Tuesday, May 29, 2007

This weekend was somewhat productive and fun...I was sick...yep I got it. Still have a sore throat and not feeling super...but it's on it's way out. Still had fun with my family on Saturday. Went to the women's Sounder game. It was fun.
Finally finished my whsl order...will show some more of it later...maybe today. Anywho...loads to do must scoot a boot....xoxo
Flickr favs...
This is soooo pretty...
Love this...and I would do it..
Our Chihuahua is a bit of a devil too..
Loving many of his paintings...but this one...oooh how gorgeous
I have always wanted one of these....
Love seeing my work in a happy home...xo

Another day has arrived....

CATEGORY: | Friday, May 25, 2007

Another day has arrived and I am ALMOST done with one of my whsl orders. Soooo close.
I had another conversation with my brother about Christianity and although it went better I am not thrilled at the thought of him continually trying to convert me. Please...I don't want to offend anyone at all but I am having such a hard time with this...they say what doesn't kill you makes you stronger soooo I guess I am a body builder now... I have a very strong love for my brother and hopefully at some point that will matter and he will accept me for who I am...faults and all. This weekend we will be celebrating my Ma's Birthday 5.29.07 by going to the women's Sounders game, having cake and visiting with each other. Then we will be doing loads of home projects...doing our new POWER walks(inspired by The Gucc)...and hopefully going to the beach at least once...if it does not rain...Hope everyone has a wonderful...hopefully LONG weekend.

I leave you with some Flickr favs...
I have a thing for numbers...
Love this...
This is such a cooooool shot..
Hello...I LOVE THIS!!
Wish this was mine...:)
Waiting for some of these...
Oh...I want this soooo bad...

Back in the day I actually watched the view sometimes but I am sooo out of the loop until I heard about this.....

I love our little life...xoxo

CATEGORY: | Wednesday, May 23, 2007
Happy one day late Birthday Andrea...we LOVE YOU
Gucci is soooo funny...

The new thing...Rocket homes...
Look Ma I built a city...

Today Memphis is FINALLY feeling better and is almost back to normal. So we just cold chilled it all day. We went for a dog walk and did chores, played, she painted I sewed. It was really nice and then Jason came home we had pasta dinner and went for a power walk. We have decided that the Gucc needs to lose a few ounces or maybe a pound. He is a bit round...hate to admitt it but it's true. So...we have to get serious about it and he's now on a diet. As a result he walks around half the day and night just staring at us and then glancing towards the kitchen. I feel bad for him but it's for his own good. Getting sooooo close to finishing a whsl order. So not much else to report on this front...except...

Some Flickr favs...
LOVE Irana's work...
A new find for me....super cool
Loving these
Allison Sommers is new to me...amazing
Wow and WOW!!
I love Chickens....
I heart Green

Oh and if you watched the Brady Bunch I think you will like this...

Slowly making progress....

CATEGORY: | Tuesday, May 22, 2007
In our yard...
Whsl order I am working on....
Whsl order I am working on...

More gorgeous art by our Memphis!!!
Found this at a Vintage shop this week... :)
Another find at a vintage shop in town...:) LOVE This!!

**....still working on orders...getting farther.
**Up above is a sneak peak at two Robins...not even named yet and one is not finished.
** Memphis is feeling better but still very worn out/I am not feeling great...allergies??? Or the dreaded viral sickness she has had???
** Ma's B-day coming up...what to get...what to get...
**Decided that our Chihuahua Gucci is going on a diet and we are going to beef up the walks...shooting for 2 a day instead of the one.
** Still need more warm weather clothing.
** Need to update my links on this blog..hubby must help...hopefully SOON.
** Must go and sew now....

Time for some Etsy Shout outs....
1. Brooke Medlin of Gemmafactrix
4. Uniformstudio (shop update coming soon)
5. Craftpaca

I am going to share 5 at a time at least once a week. I am an Esty NUT!!! Happy Happy...xoxo

Off to the Doctor again...:(

CATEGORY: | Monday, May 21, 2007
Moo cards
More Moo
Fawn the Floppy Eared bunny Love=Creature
Fawn The Floppy Eared Bunny SOLD
Our little darling is still sick. She has a low grade fever that comes and goes and now a wicked deep cough, runny nose and she can't talk. Seems she has almost lost her voice. So...off to the
Doc we go AGAIN!! I don't know about you but I don't have a lot of faith in the Medical profession lately. I know they are just doing their job but when we went in on Thursday they said it was too early to tell and if she still felt bad on Monday to come back. She had a fever the day we went in and it was on it's 3rd day. She was super exhausted (usually she never sits still for long and talks a blue streak) The Doc told us her throat was a little red, her ears look good and so did her tummy. Anywho...even though we have insurance it seriously costs a lot just to go in when you are sick...due to the fact it is not considered preventative. I know everyone out there already knows this...but again...I must vent.

Our weekend was weird. Jason went over to my Ma's with my brother to help fortify her home. New locks, security windows, new passwords, log-in password and they fixed the broken door window. She refused the safe idea but her Birthday is at the end of this month.

Still working away on some whsl orders and I actually am almost finished with one and started a bit on the next. Was able to also finish a Floppy Eared Bunny I started awhile back and it already sold. Not much else to report. Just tired and hoping our little cutie will be better asap!!!

Leaving you with some Flickr favs....
So loving this photo...
We are obsessed with Squirrels over here...we have one in our yard Memphis named Zippy
This is amazing....takes my breath away..
What an AWESOME photo
How amazing is this....brings me back to the 80's
Colors are soooooo good.....
Want one...
The chairs...oh the chairs...

On a side note...there are 3 walruses left in over at Supermaggie...please go over and take a look...who knows maybe you'll NEED one??? :)

It is not our abilities that show us who we truly are...it is our choices...

CATEGORY: | Friday, May 18, 2007

My Mama was robbed...she came home for lunch yesterday and found that her house had been robbed. My Ma cleans houses for a living and works for herself. She works really hard and doesn't have a whole lot. Her house is a very pretty small ranch and it is on a private road. However it is very close to a bad neighborhood and I suspect that may be the trouble. They took her new digital camera that we got her for Christmas and of course the brand new memory card we just all got her for Ma's day, her Dvd/video player that we got for her 2 X-mas's ago, her relatively new printer...that she was soooo excited to start using with her new memory card, her jewerly(stuff she had gotten in the last few years) her jar of coins and her soccer bag with her soccer ID attached to it!!!!!!!!. This is the 3rd time she has been robbed in the last 7 years. The first time she was home and in one of the back bedrooms on her computer and she heard a noise. She looked around and looked outside and noticed her Bronco door was open...then she found her car keys on the floor of the car. Lucky for her it was a hard car to start or it would have been stolen. They grabbed her purse but she didn't notice right away. It had been sitting on the kitchen counter. In approx 20 minutes to an hour they ran up her gas card and credit cards. She had to have it all fixed and get new ID. The 2nd time they broke in during the day. They took all her jewerly some of which had been my Gram's and various other items and a jar of coins. I don't remember what else...I think her printer. Yesterday I had a bit of a bug and Memphis has had a fever for 2 days...today it's finally gone...so I was out of it and when she called at 1pm I was soooo upset. My Ma is super wonderful, very nice and never does mean or awful things to anyone. The whole day I was questioning the world and all the people in it. I was thinking of ways to track them down and just yell at them. I can't stop picturing icky people in my Ma's house!!! I can't stop worrying about my Ma and her safety. I am just soooooo creeped out and angry!!!!! I know this is not a very happy Friday post and I am sorry but I am just soooooo mad!!!! She doesn't have much and they took it...he...she...they took it...my Ma's stuff. Plus all the photos we took on Ma's day with her camera are now in the hands of some icky people!!!! Do you think something bad will happen to them..him...her??? Will my Ma be safe?? Even if you don't think the answers are yes...just lie to me. I feel terrible for her and now I can't stop thinking about how her space was invaded!!!!!!!!!!! This Saturday we are going to help her fortify her home. New doors, safe.....I don't know but we have to do something.

Here are a few flickr favs to lighten up my post....Happy Friday....
This is cool
My hubby used to be a Chef....now we have our own personal chef...
Not too sure about this...
I want a view like this...
This cracks me up...
I really like these...
I have always loved Pugs...my grandparents had them...

Happy weekending....LOCK IT UP!!!

Here come some more Floppy Eared Bunnies....

CATEGORY: | Wednesday, May 16, 2007
Claudia & Evangeline Floppy Eared bunnies in my SHOP
Jujube the Floppy Eared bunny SOLD
Claudia the Floppy Eared bunny
Evangeline the Floppy Eared Bunny
Evageline & Jujube

Shop Update...mini one.
Finally I added a few to my own shop. I have been super busy working away on orders but managed to get these bunnies in the shop. Hope everyone had a wonderful day yesterday. It was gorgeous here!!! I think it was almost 80 degrees out. We went to ballet in the morning, shopping for me (I don't have any workout or summer clothing....all died at the same time) then back home for lunch, walk the dog (very hot) back home to the sprinklers. While at the mall...shopping with huge headache and a 5 year old that was NOT happy to be there my monthly visitor arrived. Wonderful timing!!! Luckily I was prepared.
Anywho...by the time we did get home I was wiped out but had to keep going. It truly amazes me to this day how exhausting being a Ma can be. There are more joys than anything else but the mundane can get to you. Cleaning, cooking, laundry done and then the very next day...do it again. The play dates, the errands...oh the errands...dog walks...yardwork...housework...You all know the drill but man sometimes it wears me to the bone. Ok...enough of my complaining...although it's nice to vent.
Favorite flickr photos this week....

this is such a cool shot..
I need this family...
this mug is amazing...
i LOVE this dog...
really cool shot...
Loving this so very much!

Also want to share a few other blogs I love....(keep in mind this is not all of them)


Have a SUPER Wednesday!!! Oh on a very, very sad note for me...Gilmore Girls is now OVER!!!! I don't read popular news much so I didn't see it coming and I was bummed. I totally cried thru almost the whole last episode...and why wasn't it 2 hours long!@#$?
Oh...you should watch this if you liked the Gilmore Girls because this is how I felt.

Yard Sale anyone.....

CATEGORY: | Saturday, May 12, 2007

A yardsaling we will go... a yardsaling we will go... hi-ho the dario a yardsaling we will go....
we all got up early (not our usual on Saturdays) and headed to the 3rd annual West Seattle Yardsale extravaganza!!!!!!! Those killer mugs up yonder were 25 cents each...mint!!! The rather used pattern I still love was 10 cents. The cool vintage mint condition...does not smell dollie... was $1.00. Vintage Fisher Price Schoolhouse was $1.00 same with the Helicopter. Birdie dishtowel was 25 cents. Cool slippers for our dear girl were a mere 25 cents. Panisonic handheld radio my hubby just had to have was $1.00. I also got some wool fabric for $2.00 and another for 75 cents. Oh and a pewter bracelet for $5.00 and a vintage doll for $1.00. By the end of it all my feet were tired, I was starving...next time I will bring snacks for me instead of just for Memphis.....and I really had to pee. Sorry but I have to pee a lot and usually can not wait. I know more info than you required but it's true. Saw a really cool old kids rocker for $20.00 and was going to talk it down but...where would I put it?? Also met some friendly folks and everyone loved our grouchy Chihuahua. We also met a really cute Chihuahua and she was sooooo friendly I think her name was Tequila...
poor thing. I am very proud of myself. I only strayed for a few moments here and there but for the most part I stayed on task. It's funny because just last night we were talking about how we need to pare down and get rid of stuff...right after we said that...I mentioned the Yardsale extravaganza we would be attending. We laughed. That's life...always recycling...it's almost constant. We also went out to lunch at Capers!!! They have the best vegetarian sandwhich ever. Cucumbers, carrots, sprouts and tomatoes on 9 grain bread....Oh it's good!!!!!!!
Memphis and I split one and she also had a blueberry muffin. We hardly ever go out to eat so it's such a treat.
Anywho it was a fantastic day and I loved it. Tomorrow is Ma's Day so HAPPY MA'S DAY TO ALL YOU MA'S OUT THERE AND TO ALL THE MA'S of beloved pets too!! I love being a Ma...it's the best. xoxo Off to do housework and then sew. Happy Happy!!! By the way if you haven't already seen Ashley G is the featured seller on Etsy right now and when I first saw it on the night of May 8th I was soooo excited for her. If you don't know who she is click over there asap and buy yourself a treat. xoxo

Good things can happen to you....

CATEGORY: | Thursday, May 10, 2007
Can't get enough of it....
Piece of gorgeous vintage fabric that she also sent with the painting!!!!

Stephanie DosReis is a goddess...an angel...one of the nicest people there is. She actually remembered that I loved the above painting 'neighborhood' and when she found it...ever soooo slightly damaged in her studio she asked me if I wanted it???? I was like....YES!!! I just could not believe it and when it arrived in the mail this last Saturday I almost fell over backwards! We kept holding it in all these different places..(not like there's a million in our small place) and Memphis just LOVED it so much we decided to honor our little artist with this GORGEOUS!!! AMAZING!!!! PIECE!!! When I showed it to her in the living room she said..'Ma the colors would go better in my room'. When I showed it to her in the hall...she said 'Ma that's too high up' so finally I got the hint and now it has a place in our home where it can be loved the absolute, possibly most it can be loved...right along with our gorgeous girl. We spend countless hours in her room and it does look stunning. So I am sending a giant, enormous hug to you Stephanie!!! Don't be surprised when a really fun and amazing package comes your way this summer. Also good luck at SURTEX and if you happen to see Julia Rotham please say hello to her for me. You are going to do soooo great there. I seriously can't stop thinking about how wonderful it was of you to send 'neighborhood' to our humble home.xoxoxo
You can check out Stephanie's work here...here...and here!!!!
Did I mention along with 'neighborhood' she also sent me a piece of gorgeous vintage fabric????
I mean can you breathe right now??? I couldn't when I saw it!! Once again I was over come with joy and weak in the knees.

Thought I would also give you another look at two more owls that
are making their way to www.shoporangebutton.com!!!