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Posted by Admin Eson on Thursday, June 28, 2007 in

Thanks Wendy of www.Shoporangebutton.com
Just look at all that gorgeous Plush...I especially LOVE Wren Handmade. I have dreamed of owning one of her pieces for a long time.
Also in love with Le Train Fantome!!!
They are all amazing!!! So exciting!!!

I feel very lucky to have my work on the Cookie Mag blog...I LOVE Cookie Mag. I buy it all the time. It's so fantastic. Anywho...if things go right I will be back to FINALLY share some mail I rec'd and to any of you that have asked. I WILL have a small shop update by this weekend. I am sorry but I am doing as much as I can and for those couple of you that have special orders in and are waiting...I am just about done...that means you Lacey...FINALLY!!! Anywho just had to share the Cookie Mag news and seriously Wendy of Shoporangebutton.com is one of my lucky charms and her site is super cool....xoxox
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