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Posted by Admin Eson on Sunday, August 12, 2007 in
Playdate with Owen...Lincoln Park West Seattle
Family Trip to Ikea was a hit

Soon to be our new couch...we hope...
I love the leaves on this display
New skirt and headband from Erin of House onHill Road xoxo
New skirt and headband from Erin...we LOVE it....it twirls sososo much..oh and here is the carpet we
bought for Memphis's room...
We heart the Ellies...
That's my girl
On our third playdate of the week with Anna, Elsa and Cynnie...
it was super fun and we went to two Zoos in one week.. xo
This is Gus...he pulled the entire bag of popcorn out of my bag and almost ran with it....he's funny.
I loved this display...Dress by Uniform Studio...Martha's work is amazing and
everyone always says how gorgeous her dresses are that we have...xo

Hello and happy Sunday...we have had a busy week and now a busy weekend. We went to Ikea yesterday with Poppy....I almost fainted when he suggested that we go. We finally, finally got a new bed frame for our futon...it is wonderful and a new rug for Memphis's room....I have been looking and looking and looking. This was in our price range and I love it and it's not wool. I am not crazy about the Ikea wool rugs...too much shedding for me and the fibers get in my eyes and throat. This one sheds a bit but not like the wool and it is sososososo cushie...
Today Poppy is building a small deck for us. We are in the process of redoing our small little backyard.

Now a special heartfelt THANKS TO ERIN OF HOUSE ON HILL ROAD!!! The skirt, top and headband arrived and were immediately put on and worn. Sosososo gorgeous. I will be posting the top as it is worn. So well made and just looks amazing on Memphis. Love the headband too....thanks sososossoo very, very much. Most of all thanks for being my bloggie friend!!! You are a super duper person and so talented. xoxoxoxoxoxox I am sending yours out tomorrow....and can not wait for you to get it.

Also...my Supermaggie order is up in their store now and if any of you need a Jack Rabbit...please go check it out. While you are there you might NEED a gorgeous T-shirt, amazing scarf, or cute as a button felt flower pin. They also carry Slaughterhead Wallets...I need one of those...anywho go and check it out.

Gotta go...errands to do and sewing to finish up.

few flickr favs ...just a few...
So sweet
This is so freakin amazing...
I think I'm in love
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