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Posted by Admin Eson on Friday, August 17, 2007 in

Grampa Harry made her this Helicopter and she adores it...it was waiting for us
on our doorstep after our dog walk yesterday. xoxo

First of all....look at that gorgeous Dawawa...from Ping!!!! Oh how we adore her...Memphis and I named her Prudence, which is what I would name another girl if I had one. I just love that name. Thanks sosososo much Ping...if you don't already know about her go check out her shop...or her flickr....

Second of all thanks and big hugs to Grampa Harry for the cool helicopter!!! It's gorgeous and she has been flying it around all over the place. :)

Hey so thanks to all of you that gave me advice about the sleep over. I phoned my friend, but was never able to get a hold of her, and let her know we wouldn't be able to make it...instead I left a message on her machine that I thought it would be weird for Memphis to come and then be the only girl leaving. Memphis and I chatted about her sleeping over and when I asked her if she wanted to she said 'I don't know'. When Memphis says I don't know it means she is stressed about it and not sure. So we talked about going and then having to leave and she was actually fine with that. She said 'I like regular Birthday parties Ma.' Anywho we didn't go and I really wanted to tell my friend and apologize instead of leaving a message...I will try and call her today. Hopefully we can see them before summer is over to give the Birthday girl her gift. It actuall was easy to decide once I asked Memphis....xo

I am going crazy nuts today but after the Wedding Sunday...life will be back to normal...aaaaahahahahahha...I really am excited....and know I will do a great job...the wait is what kills me.....the waiting....the waiting.....too much time to think. xoxoox

Flickr time...
Oh thanks sososo much. xo
how cute
What a score
beautiful photo
The detail on these are so amazing...love the beard

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