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Posted by Admin Eson on Thursday, September 20, 2007 in

New top...it has a blue gray color...new pants...they are GREEN!!!

Swap I did with Laurie from Old School Acres...isn't he gorgeous!!!
Thanks Laurie

Cool vintage wooden Polish dolls...for Memphis

Finally...a new sink that actually works and does not drip...
hubby installed it Sunday and I'm in love...this was taken
before it was fully done...notice the level and tools

This pararde took place this weekend...it was really fun

Busy setting up the parade!!!


Memphis...'Mama...take a family portrait please....'
Mama...'You mean with a real camera and not pretend'
Memphis...'Of course Mama...you're silly!"

So after allllll this time we FINALLY have a new sink that works. Our old one was from the 50's and the hardware was worn out and not replaceable...so it was off to Ikea for a new sink which my fabulous hubby installed himself... with of course his little helper who was very very proud to get him tools and various parts. She loves watching him put things together.

Then there was the FABULOUS swap I did with Laurie of Old School Acres....
I am friends with her from Flickr and was super duper delighted to swap with her. I have been coveting her owls ever since I laid eyes on them!!! Thanks Laurie!!!! xoxo Go check out her Etsy shop and flicker!

Anywho...I am off to the doc for a check up.
Here are some flickr favs of late...xoxo

Jen...you are amazing.
Gorgeous top...just gorgeous
Thanks Ambika!!!

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