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Posted by Admin Eson on Monday, November 19, 2007 in
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It feels like winter here...

Room with a view

Kitchen Gallery

Timothy for Urban Craft Uprising

Faye for Urban Craft Uprising

Sherman for Urban Craft Uprising

Mekko for Urban Craft Uprising

Parker for Urban Craft Uprising

This weekend we went to the mall...looking for boots for me...none found.
My feet are size 5 1/2 and that's a bitch man. We also ate at World Wraps...the only fast food place we resort to when out and about. It was fun. She is such a great kid!!!

Rested a lot!

Went and saw Bee Movie...Memphis loved it and it was nice for all of us to go. It was her second movie at the theater ever and boy was she excited. I liked it ok but it was a whole lot more fun to watch her...we even got her popcorn!!!

Sewed a lot.

Just wanted to say a quick hello...Happy Monday all!!!

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