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Posted by Admin Eson on Friday, November 16, 2007 in

Well...here it is my order for shoporangebutton.com!!! Finally done with it and it's on it's way!!!
I have really been trying to make up for lost time. Being sick with that horrible cold really put me in a tailspin. Anywho...I really love shoporangbutton.com, Wendy is super nice and she has excellent taste. So if you have never been there...go check it out. These guys should all be in her shop within 2 weeks or so.

In other news...I am having a great time sewing for Urban Craft Uprising and now have a better feeling about being ready in time. I just hope I can keep it up. Today I have a slew of errands to run, a dog to walk (probably in the rain :() a child to drop off and pick up by 1:10...it's parent teacher conference week and they are out early every day...next week too because of conferences and Thanksgiving. I love Thanksgiving!!!

Anywho too much to do and the clock is ticking...as Memphis would say TICK TOCK TICK TOCK!!

Wanted to share a few more flickr favs....
I love this bunny...
These are all amazing
I have this issue and I love this home
This makes me smile really big
So cool

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