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Posted by Admin Eson on Monday, November 19, 2007 in
Yup...we're having another baby...and this time it's a boy!!! OMG what are we going to do with a boy????? I was so sure it was another girl that it really was a shocker. Had all the tests and everything is great...he is healthy and progressing well and it has been confirmed that he is definitely a BOY!! I actually asked the ultrasound woman if there was a chance it was wrong!! Can you even believe I asked??? We of course have a name list going and we have narrowed it down to 5 so now we just have to think it over for awhile. So anywho...that is why I have been so out of the loop lately...so completely exhausted and sick to my stomach. I actually have gotten sick this time...a bunch...which is how I knew deep down it had to be a boy this time because I didn't get sick with Memphis so I thought something had to be different. I seriously don't know what we are thinking doing this but we are very happy so it must be right. Memphis is beside herself with excitement and can not wait to meet him. She is just such a doll...we got so very lucky with her I just hope our luck hasn't run out.....anywho...it is late...I am tired and I just couldn't wait to share....getting all the test results back was a huge, huge relief. I didn't have an amnio with Memphis and we only had one Ultrasound last time so all of these tests really freaked me out and actually made it really hard to get excited. I really don't like being pregnant but the end result is well worth it all.

oops....I almost forgot...we are due April 23rd...a little Taurus will soon be joining our family.
Jason's best friend Jim passed away 5 years ago and his Birthday was April 25th so I think it is amazing that our son will also share Jim's birth sign and be born very close to his birthday... I know it really makes Jason happy. He misses Jim so very much.
Must get to bed now....xoxo
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