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Posted by Admin Eson on Thursday, January 17, 2008 in
Amazing shirt/jacket for Memphis and she LOVES it!!!...Shirts For the baby boy...

A HUGE pet peeve of mine....first of all I don't really like my front door
rug and am on the look out for a way cooler one but why oh why can't he put his shoes ON the rug??????

It was Lisa's Birthday today!!!! Happy Birthday Lisa!!! I stayed home with sick Memphis and may be doing the same tomorrow. Worked a bit on a few things and trying to finish my special orders that I am WAAAAY behind on....finally got my pieces for 'Plushed...Art Gone Soft' show!!!
Liz rec'd them so they are there!!! Turns out they are going to offer them up for sale on-line which is super duper cool. Thanks for all your hard work Liz. Watched the Super Model show tonight and a Project Runway last night. Had a fun day with my friend Rose yesterday and her daughter Lotte. Feeling a bit tired from the boy but getting excited. Started to feel a bit sick myself today but I think I am just tired...hope so. Anywho...that's it for me... a few flickr favs...
and I'm Outtie!!!

wow...I want snow
sooooo pretty
Such a cool photo and a great coat too...xo
too too cute...I hope we have a red head...
want these chairs sosososos bad
such a great idea
oozing coolness....
I'm gonna make a donkey soon and I saw this the other day...weird...super cool photo
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