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Posted by Admin Eson on Friday, March 28, 2008 in

Have I told you lately how much I LOVE my kid!!! She is amazing and she brings joy into every single one of my days. She makes me smile, laugh, ponder and yes she also really knows how to push my buttons...but that's okay because she is growing and becoming her own person. She is so very perceptive and smart. Her sense of humor is fantastic. I love how she is shy and very questioning of strangers. She is just the best thing around and every single day I am thankful for her and my husband. I know how lucky I am that they both love me but I know that I am luckier still because I love them so very much. Being able to truly and deeply love somebody is a very powerful thing and I know how lucky I am. I am finally going to start working on my Supermaggie order....super late but they are such nice folks I know they are okay with it. I am also going to be organizing up a storm this weekend and I am going to get the babe's space ready.
He will be with us in a mini crib for a bit and then when he is a bit bigger he will share Memphis' room which we are currently transforming. Lots of work especially since we have such limited space but you know what...it will all work out. We have lived in a small space for a long time now and we are actually really good at it most of the time. Minimal Dawn is starting to prevail...I have a long way to go but I am definitely getting much better. I just wish I didn't like to collect things...my collections are much smaller these days. Happy weekending and here are a few Flickr favs.....
Oh and I did a mini shop update last night....

Cool shot
so sweet
Love the Lion
love these
this is so funny
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