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Posted by Admin Eson on Thursday, May 8, 2008 in

Baby Soren was born April 17th and weighed 9 lbs 10 ounces...it was a C-Section and it was so very weird. Like an out of body experience. I seriously don't know how to describe it. All the nurses, both doctors and everyone else were all really wonderful to me. The anesthesiologist was amazing. His name was Sammy Saloma...not sure if I spelled it right or not. He had a really soothing accent and was originally from Egypt. He helped a great deal to keep me calm and was just one of the nicest men ever. The nurses that cared for us after were all super nice except one nurse. She was not nice and was really weird. When Soren was born everyone one in the room agreed that we made the best choice doing a C-section. He was so big...and still is of course. He is already 22 inches long and not even 3 weeks old yet...he grew an inch. Anywho...I just wanted to say a quick hello...this last week has been horrible. Memphis got really sick. It started Saturday, she didn't feel well and skipped ballet. Sunday she felt a bit worse and on Monday she had a fever and was throwing up. She continued to have a fever that ranged between 99 degrees and 104 degrees, with the average temp being 102-103. We finally took her to the doc's on Wednesday and she had a bunch of tests done. We get the results back tomorrow but today she woke up and did not have a fever, did not throw up, was walking around, talking and managed to eat some real food. So we think it may have been a flu thing. Anywho...with the new boy and her being sick we are wiped out. Sorry for being absent from my own blog and for not returning emails. I have a lot of cool mail love to share and plan on blogging about it within the next couple days..hopefully tomorrow. Thanks Kay, Ashley and Sandra. I will definitely post about what you sent me soooon. xoxo
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