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Posted by Admin Eson on Friday, May 9, 2008 in

From Milk Magazine...my all time fav mag issue#19 photo by Delphine Chanet

Milk Magazine issue#19 photo by Vee Speers

Milk Magazine issue#19

For about a week or so now....I have had a feeling that I am in Never Never Land...floating thru time in an unaltered state of being. That's what a new baby and a 6 year old with the flu will do to you...make you feel like you are floating and time is suspended. Thank goodness yesterday her fever broke and things are now moving in real time. I have said it before and I will say it again...'You have nothing if you don't have your health'. Seriously...when you are down and out just think about how lucky you are to be healthy. Life is hard enough but when you are sick or severely run down...life is down right impossible. The smallest things bum you out or exhaust you and you feel as if your feet will never be planted firmly on the ground again. Well...our feet are firmly planted again and we have stopped treading water...life get ready because we are back in the game....Full speed ahead!!!!!!

Just wanted to share some pics from our walk today...it was gorgeous outside and we went to baby show and tell in Memphis' class.....her first day back to school too. We got to bring Soren to Memphis' class and it was great. He of course slept thru his debut but it was spectacular all the same. He has obtained his baby acne, wish babies didn't get that but we have lots of red head blood so we can't escape it. Our doc says it's due to hormones. Very weird. He is gaining weight again and grew and inch!!! We went to the Gap today and scored some sale socks and a pair of green leggings for our boy...looked for Memphis but nothing thrilled me. Then it was off to Barnes and Noble to buy a couple mags...Milk and Living Etc. My top two favs along with Elle Decor UK!! I'm all about the photos and the homes. Saw a gorgeous house for rent today...only $2800.00 a month but man was it big and gorgeous. I found myself thinking wow...what would we do with all that space? That would be one problem that I would welcome with open arms!!

Ok...enough of me ranting. This weekend I need to share my mail love and maybe I'll even get a chance to sew again...it's been so long I hope I remember how. :)

A few flickr favs...
How amazing are those faces!!!
I love this sooooo much!!
Great great shot
what a score
love the kid love the chair
score score
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