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Posted by Admin Eson on Thursday, May 15, 2008 in

Ma's day at my Ma's...brother, niece, nephew, cousin, cousin's daughter, step dad (not with my Ma anymore and we are basically estranged)

Soren discovers his blanket...made by my Ma.

Lots of artwork

Blankie from Target

More mail love from Auntie Bon Bon and Uncle Al...they sent this outfit and one for when he is bigger. :)

Ma's day photos

Visit with some good friends

Out and about in Ballard

Hat bought at Velouria!!! It is a super duper amazing shop in Ballard. The owner is a sweetheart and Lisa Congdon is having a show there in June called 'Wondermountain' can't wait to meet her.
Hope I am not a total dork that day. :)

Just wanted to say a quick hello and catch you up with what's happening around here.
More soon...really trying to fit in some sewing but we are about to have a heat wave. I welcome the sun but the sudden higher temps don't agree with me so much. Oh well...it's only supposed to last 2 days so we will enjoy it.... hope eveyone else's week is going great...loving that new baby Soren...he is already such a character...and I was afraid of having a boy...:)

so loving this...

this is my all time fav
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