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Posted by Admin Eson on Saturday, May 10, 2008 in

My Ma in Highschool...she lived in Chicago and was considered a bit of a hoodlum due to her
fashion choices...
Memphis the artist..my first born
Memphis and Soren...my kids :)
Abstract art from my Artist
My Cheeky monkey...:)

So...tomorrow is Mother's day...here's wishing all of you mothers a wonderful, glorious fun filled day. That includes those of you that have pets as kids!! Gucci is also my baby...he was actually my 2nd...our cat Churchie was my first. He is gone now but we will always miss him and have wonderful memories of our life with him. Now that I have two kids it feels so weird. Two...two..two I just keep saying it in my head over and over. I feel truly blessed and I have to say other than marrying Jason...they are the best things I have ever done in my life! I feel so very, very lucky to have them and to love them and be loved by them. That's really all life is about...love. Being loved and loving is what makes us what we are...it's what gives our lives meaning and what keeps us going. Both of our children and our dog are amazing and without them our lives would not be as rich, exciting or full. I would also like to say that my Mother is amazing and I only wish she thought so. She is giving, caring and lots of fun. She makes me laugh a lot and we are the best of friends. Thanks Ma...I love you..we all do. xoxo Happy Ma's Day everybody!!!!!
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