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Raindrops keep falling on my head...small shop update....

CATEGORY: | Thursday, July 24, 2008
My Raindrops all in a row....
Melvin the Lightning Bolt comes with Thor the Thunder Cloud
Walter the Sweetie Bird Love=Creature

I have wanted to make raindrops and clouds for a long long long time. I have always been fascinated by clouds and rain. I love the way it smells outside after a good spring time rain...so fresh and clean. I also have wanted to do a GIANT earred bunny for awhile now and it was super fun to free hand it. I love the way Nepo turned out and actually hope he does not sell...anywho...a small shop update is now if full swing...some have already sold to my amazing, fantastic buyer Natalie....thanks Natalie...
I am starting to get back in the swing of things...I love my new Sewing Machine I just wish I had more time to sew and more energy to be creative...but our Son is so adorable and worth it. In now time at all he will be big and won't need me anymore so I will enjoy it while it lasts....thanks to all of you that have supported my work...I really and truly do appreciate it. xoxo Happy summering...
Anywho...more to come....the clouds will keep rolling in and the raindrops will keep falling...I want to make raindrops and dew drops with arms and legs too. xoxo

The clouds are rolling in....

CATEGORY: | Monday, July 21, 2008
Thor the Thunder Cloud and Melvin the Lightning bolt Love=Creature

Sally the Cloud and Paul the Bird Love=Creature
Ole the Cloud Love=Creature

Siggy the Cloud Love=Creature

Lady Bird the Cloud Love Creature

ALL the ABOVE clouds plus a few more and a few other Love=Creatures will make it into my shop within the week. Wish I could be more specific but errands/playdates/ and life won't permit. I would love to be one of those folks that had a timed update but alas it is not to be so for awhile...maybe never. I have had the idea of making different clouds for a long, long, long time. Ever since I can remember they have fascinated me...I have loads and loads of photos of them and should post some sometime soon. I did a super cool series at the beach a few years back and I love them. It's really cool to print them all on one contact sheet. Anywho...I have also had the idea of hanging plush for a bit now and I think it's really really fun to combine them. I still have a raincloud with hanging raindrops to finish and a few rain drops to list all by themselves. I am in love with the little drops and plan on going to town making a bunch. Lately I have been thinking a lot about what I like in the Plush world and man there is so much inspiration out there. So I thought I would share a few of my top current favs....
M. Patrizio really out did herself here....
Love love this ghost from Astulabee
Love Sian Keegan's dogs are soooo fantastic... I would love one of my Gucci
My all time favorite EVER of Ashley Anna Brown's work...so want this guy
I have secretly admired Cat Rabbit's work for awhile now and I MUST have one of these
Love the work of Super Ninon
Really love the work of Comfies...
LOVE LOVE LOVE the tattooed men of Mimi K
Love love the Yetis from Sewing Stars
Love the work of CEVI
Acrossandtwokisses....love her dolls
Love Makisquarepatch...
Joybucket's dolls are so great...
I love love Kitty Vanes rag plush...need another

Anywho...there are many many more but I must sleep now and dream of new plushie ideas. xoxo nightie night

I am still alive...honestly

CATEGORY: | Tuesday, July 15, 2008

I am sorry but I am floundering in a sea of motherhood/summer time fun/contractors and every day life. So....if you are dying for a Love=Creature... and I know you are....there are still a few at Grumbletoy....more later....happy summering. :)
All the above Love=Creatures are currently at Grumbletoy :)

It's all gone to the birds...

CATEGORY: | Monday, July 7, 2008

Just a quick hello...happy Monday...and yup a few more birds were made this weekend and are in my shop.
More later...

I have a limo I ride in the back...I lock the doors in case I'm attacked...I can't complain but sometimes I still do ...life's been good to me so far

CATEGORY: | Saturday, July 5, 2008
TA DA!!!! MY NEW MACHINE!!!!!!!!

Feeling very out of focus

Some bird rescuing to be done...a baby Flicker

Soren & Betty (Memphis' favorite doll)

Welcome Rudolpho from the fantastic elsiemarley.etsy.com

My dream home...from Elle Decor Uk July 2008 issue...in love
Still have a cold...but doing better.
4th of July was fun for Memphis but I had some major stress...most likely due to sickness.
Gucci made it thru the day and night but I sure had to squeeze him tight...he is so scared by the fireworks.

Biggest news.....I got a new sewing machine...well new to me...It's 10 years old and it is AMAZING!!! I am digital now!!! I resisted but thanks to Jason I have moved forward. So now I can get busy....sosososososo happy with the machine...oh so happy.

A baby Flicker, type of ground feeding woodpecker, was hanging around our yard and we finally decided it was injured so Jason and Memphis took it to PAWS today. So happy it will be ok. We think a cat got to it but it doesn't seem too bad. Jason called yesterday but they were already closed...and they called him back. They told him to give the bird water and cat food. They said it probably would not eat but it might. So when he brought it in today...way up North...the lady yelled at him for feeding it. Telling him it would now be hard to clean the food off of the bird. Jason looked the lady right in the eye and very firmly told her he was instructed by them to give it food. Man...he brought the poor little guy in and cared about him...isn't that enough?
Anywho...so glad it will be okay now.

Received Rudolpho from Elsiemarley.etsy.com and love him. She also sent me some vintage fabric pieces. Super nice of her. She has amazing taste and is very modern. I love her work and her blog is super too. Now...I have to save him until X-mas for one of my kids. This will be a challenge.

Memphis was carrying around Betty again. She was pretending to teach her how to walk. She is so cute but man folks give us weird looks when we bring Betty out...is our world still that segregated??? Whatever...I think it is important to teach your kids that there are many different kinds of folks but we are all human beings.

Picked up the new Elle Decor Uk...one of my all time fav mags. Love love love the house that is in this issue...I visualize my family and I in a gorgeous simple home very, very soon....with at least 1500 square feet....oh to have some elbow room :)

Happy weekending and hope you had a safe and fun 4th!!!

p.s. thanks to all of you that have made a purchase from me...you are helping me pay off my new machine :) and I appreciate it. xo

oops almost forgot to mention that the title of this post comes from a Joe Walsh song and that's how my new machine makes me feel. :)

Summer time is in full swing.....

CATEGORY: | Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Today was all about vikings, Movie stars, Alligator floaty and sprinklers...oh and a dog walk of course. I have caught a summer cold that Jason brought home from work so I feel not so hot.
So...must sew and thanks all of you that have given me Sewing machine suggestions...I really appreciate it.
Here are a few flickr favs...
What a fantastic bracelet
So so so cool and handsome
Love this
I love feathers
I love, love, love this
I love photos of cows