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Nothing like a little Etsy love to cheer you up...yup still in the downie dumps...

CATEGORY: | Friday, August 22, 2008

All the above Monsters are by Super Ninon..Tania is amazingly talented She calls them Les Montris

From Fricdementol.Etsy.com

So...another day and I am still in the downie dumps. We took our car in today to the insurance adjuster so they could take a look at our broken side mirror...of course on the driver's side. We went out to our car Saturday and it was hanging by the wires....bummer. Turns out the deductible is higher than the cost to fix it...of course it is. Oh well...at least it was just the mirror.
This weekend is filled with plans and I actually get the day off Sunday to sew sew sew...the fam is going to visit the in-laws and Jason's Dad will help him fix the car. He used to be a mechanic and we are very very grateful for him. Anywho...enjoy your weekend...hopefully by Monday my spirits will be lifted and it will be a brand new day...:)

Champagne taste on a beer budget has given me the blues....

CATEGORY: | Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Jason's pop made that sign...

Lunch with the Baron Von Munchhausen

We love the beach and this was Soren's first trip to the beach :) He was in a trance watching the waves...

Super duper cute onsie from Meg...on my super duper cute boy :)

I heart clouds...and this day was particularly inspiring.

So...lately I have once again let myself get bummed out by our lack of a house. Our pad is cute....and we do what we can but man it's tough. Many of her classmates just have these Martha Stewart homes and I try soooo hard not to get bummed but I do. I am house obsessed. All my favorite mags except Milk and Cookie have to do with houses/decor. Anywho before I fall too deeply into an endless pit of self pity I decided to take this opportunity to Give Thanks for what I do have and lately I give thanks for...
1. My hunky hubby who is sooooooo beyond amazing. He is just incredible. Super Dad, very handy, super smart, great with people, fun, totally hot, funny, loves me and the kids soooo much, great with helping with the housework and yard work...does most of the yard work, super duper hunky, works really hard at his job, excellent bike rider, always tries to helps save our planet...rides his bike to work and back every single day rain, sun or snow...did I mention how hot he is....anywho...I am sososososososo very very lucky to have him and I think about that every single day. Even when I'm mad at him which is not very often. I don't really stay mad very long anyway.

2. Of course I am thankful for my two gorgeous kids. I feel so very lucky to have them both in my life. They are more amazing every single day. I really don't remember life without them.

3. I am super duper thankful for my crazy Chihuahua. He is just so funny and protects us and loves on us and is a grouch sometimes too. I love the Gucc.

4. I feel very lucky to be able to make and sell my Love=Creatures. Creating is just so important in my life and I also love being able to take photos and print them out and use photo shop.

5. I feel very lucky to have a super Ma. We have always been close and I feel lucky to have her in my life.

6. I give thanks for the friends in my life they are all so amazing and have really made my life fuller. I also feel really thankful for the bloggy/flickr/Etsy friends I have met...some even in real life. I used to feel super alone but thanks to them not anymore....

I have loads and loads of other things to be thankful for but for right now that's going to be it.
I also have to respond to a meme that I got tagged for awhile back...I am so out of the loop.
Plush You is coming really fast and I have been working on my pieces and my SuperMaggie order too. I am also behind on a few trades but they are coming along. I don't have much to show right now but soooooon. Also it's almost back to school time. We are ready...already went school shopping and man am I a bargain hunter.
Oh...I got to go to the H&M that opened up...we are getting two more in the Seattle area. It was pretty great except the two t-shirts I bought for Jason shrunk 2 sizes...so they 'Let' me return them this time. Even though I followed all the washing and drying instructions....whatever.
okay...here are a few Flickr favs....

so so great
want want want
need need need....love
love love love

Heidi Kenney is sooooooooo wonderful...

CATEGORY: | Tuesday, August 12, 2008

The whole fam went to Heidi Kenney's Opening at Schmancy on Friday....it was really fun. Memphis loved it and got to eat a cupcake. Soren had a lot of amazing things to look at first and foremost Heidi's work and I got to meet THE Heidi Kenney...and her super sweet Hubby.
She is so fantastic and I was in awe of how much she gets done. She seriously has a plush empire.
I seriously could have chatted with her for hours and hours but alas the fam was ready to go.
They were super patient with me and let me enjoy even after they were tired and hungry.
Heidi and her husband were two of the friendliest people I have met in a long time and I only wish they lived closer. I am in LOVE with those hanging bird houses. Sooooo cool and that tree she did was gorgeous. It was a whole lot of family fun and I am so so glad we got a chance to go.
Heidi...you are a true plush genius and super fab person. xoxo