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Posted by Admin Eson on Tuesday, December 9, 2008 in

My all time favorite Klee....i really really really love this because I always have house on the brain. I need to buy it and frame it and hang it over my fire place :)

Love love love love love this Meg!!!

I adore the amazing tattooed men from Mimi K...gots to get me one....
I REALLY want one of her dolls...I can't quite afford one yet but someday...from Takiyaje

A lovely Donna Wilson Doll that I wish was mine...I will make dolls soon.
They are my first love...I LOVE handmade dolls!!!

From the fabulous Jess Brown...again if money were no object...MINE Mine MINE

I have always loved Raggedy Ann...this one is from Dawn Lewis

From Black Bird Fashion..I am dying to make more sock dogs :) Memphis would love this guy!

Happy Wednesday!!!

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