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My first ever sun....made for a great cause

CATEGORY: | Sunday, September 28, 2008

These two pieces are my contribution to a benefit called....

Tragedy Brought Me Up

Price: Free
An art show/auction/old-time bazaar/party in honor of Elena Steuber, who died in 2007. The show centers on work that Steuber began before her death but also includes visual, plush, and music- and text-based pieces from a variety of Northwest artists. These works will be silent-auctioned, and a raffle of goods donated by local record shops, boutiques, book stores, and the like will be held as well. Craft items, mixtapes, food and cocktails, and random finds will also be on offer. All proceeds will benefit the Elena Steuber Memorial Fund at the Rock and Roll Camp for Girls in Portland.

Opening: Show and auction Sun Oct 5, 4-9 pm at the...

The Anne Bonny

Capitol Hill 1355 E Olive Way phone (206) 382-7845

So if you live in the area come and check it out. It should be amazing and it's for a great cause in honor of a fantastic Person.

It's the little things....

CATEGORY: | Wednesday, September 24, 2008

A HUGE thank you to all that made Memphis' 7th birthday fantastic...it was a lot of fun and went really well...I love that she loves the beach so much.


getting so big

By Stephanie Norris...currently at Coffee to a Tea in West Seattle

So cooooool...too bad I can't swing $250.00

So the other day it occurred to me once again how great my life is. Our neighbor Peggy and her boyfriend...actually fiance...gave Memphis her first REAL guitar. Plus Peggy is going to give her lessons. She had her first lesson Monday and it went great. She came back and was very proud of herself indeed. I mean seriously...how great is it that people like our daughter enough to do all that? Being rich with kindness and love is so much more important than being rich in dollars and cents and that just shows me that we are doing something right and that we can definitely think of ourselves as huge successes in life. I have also, once again, been thinking about stuff. How much stuff we have, stuff we want, stuff we don't need, stuff to give away, stuff to sell, stuff, stuff, stuff. Sometimes more than anything else in the world...stuff drives me nuts. Is it really true that if you have a bigger space you will just fill it up with more stuff? I really don't think we would because we have lived in such a small space for so long and we long to be minimalists. How do you strike a balance...because who are we kidding I really love STUFF. Stuff makes me super duper happy and at times really enriches my life. I guess it's the picking and choosing of stuff that makes a difference and just how much stuff you let in. After all Suze Orman says that clutter= debt. Hmmmmm...we don't have much debt at all and we don't really have much clutter but we do have too much stuff for our space. So what's the difference??? Anywho...just thinking a lot and sharing.
Speaking of stuff....I discovered the paintings above by Stephanie Norris in West Seattle a couple of weeks ago and I just LOVE them. There are even more at the Coffee To a Tea. I can't find a website for her or anything so I don't have a link but I mentioned the name of the coffee house if you are interested. I just love everything about them. They are so me....the colors the subjects...the time period. Stephanie Norris where ever you are ...you are very talented indeed!
Also Lisa Congdon just put some amazing work in Shiny Squirrel and I for one love them...so check them out :) I never did get anything in Shiny Squirrel...I totally dropped the ball on that one...what can I say. I am so crazed lately...the site is amazing :)
We handmade thank you cards for Memphis' b-day and I think they turned out great...they look super cool all together.
I am making a lot of progress on my Super Maggie order.....
Going to the park whenever we can...the weather will soon be changing and we will be housebound more....Soren is really digging the swing.
Anywho...happy happy Wednesday...New Project Runway tonight :)

a few...just a few flickr favs
so so cute
love love love
Martha you are simply the best
so great
made me smile

Sew busy.........but not much to show yet


Some sewing done
Science Center and Children's museum
Visit with family
Dog walks
very little resting
many bottles made and fed
Very tired
must try and rest

It's US Open time and guess who is a tennis FREAK!!!!

CATEGORY: | Thursday, September 4, 2008
Bjorn & Borg the Conjoined Monster Love=Creatures for Plush You 2008...these guys are my all time favs of all the Plush I have ever made. I just adore them and being the Tennis Freak that I am...it's funny that the Us Open is here as they make their debut!

Heywood & Wakefield the Conjoined monster Love=Creatures for Plush You 2008

Herman & Miller the Conjoined Monster Love=Creatures for Plush You 2008

Oh how we all love Dalhias!!!

First day of school was so fantastic!!! She is amazing!

Soren's first swing at the park! He loves his sister :)

Week in review... first day of school...party preparations for Friendly Monster Party inspired by my monsters but mostly inspired by Cotton Monster collection made by Jennifer Strunge...Greenlake outing on day before first day of school...lunch box shopping...the hunt for the perfect Mary Jane...Plush You Pieces make their debut...much US OPEN to watch...too bad Safin is out...new Project Runway...laundry to do and laundry done...working on Super Maggie order...trying to sew as much as I can but life is getting in the way...love Memphis' new teacher but really missing her old one...time to fill without her...once again depressed but will adjust...needing to sleep more...Lisa Congdon's blog is leaving........birthday gifts to wrap...so busy...and it gorgeous outside....must run for now but happy happy Thursday...hope the day finds you well and really enjoying yourself :)