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Posted by Admin Eson on Saturday, March 7, 2009 in

I want this bedroom....just LOVE it

I only love vintage fur...I mean it's already here...should have bought this one

amazing puzzle

I think this is an old photo from an Ebay item...should have bought this too

I am addicted to sideboards/credenzas

obsessed with doll houses...seriously

I adore abstract greenery...

Have always dreamed of having a party like this

this is such a brilliant idea

white floors are soooooooo amazing

Before I die I will own couches like these

love it alllllllll
I feel just awful but I have no idea whose photos these are. I just zip around the web and when I see a photo that inspires me I save it. We all do it but I like to give credit to the photos I post...but I thought it would be cool for you to see some of my many inspirations. Most of these I think came from blogs & ebay. I seriously find a few a day. On flickr it's easy because you can fav them and then you always have the credits. I like that. I really really really like flickr...love it in fact. I do know that amongst these there is a Wawaya ...I am a HUGE fan of Ping's and just can't get enough of her work. Anywho...busy working on Jacks, fighting off a new version of an old cold (along with my entire family...big bummer) went to get my brother a B-day gift today...hope he likes it. Super cold here this weekend...has snowed on and off today but isn't really sticking. I am sooooo ready for Spring...I am so tired of mud, gloom, freeze and gray. Seattle is a tough winter City. We don't really get the beauty of a big snow storm(although we finally got one this December) we mostly just get the gloom and doom. Anywho...happy weekending...oh and as you can see I kind of fell off the Green week wagon....sorry...not feeling up to snuff....again yikes...:)
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