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Olympic Manor light ride....

CATEGORY: | Tuesday, December 19, 2006

So The Family Holiday fun continues. We went on our annual light ride thru Olympic Manor. Memphis just LOVED it and I have to say I really enjoy it every single year. We actually went even before we had her. We also took her to her very first movie ever!!! Charolette's Web.
She didn't like the idea until recently. She hates loud noises and anything slightly scary.
Anywho she was sooooo darn cute it hurt. She sat between Jason and I and just kept smiling really, really big. She loved it so very much. The holidays are busy but thru her eyes they are very amazing.

Downtown Holiday Madness....

CATEGORY: | Saturday, December 16, 2006

We went downtown today to get Santa Photos and do some shopping. We are all still feeling a bit under the weather but had to press on for Santa Photos. We got a lot done and had loads of family fun and the city is so pretty this time of year. Kids totally dig the Holidays and it sure makes you see them thru new eyes. Hope to be feeling like myself soon. Can't sleep so I guess I better go try again. Oh...the wind storm we just had was totally insane. Glad that's over. Happy Weekend.
CATEGORY: | Wednesday, December 13, 2006

One of my favorite self portraits...
Don't feel any better today. Bummer. Hope this cold
or whatever leaves sooooooon.

Happy Birthday to ME...December 12th is a magic day every year!!

CATEGORY: | Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Decorations by Hubby and daughter. It has been a balloon frenzy
around here today.

Socks...just needed some.

Frames from Ma ma... yes I heart Ashley Goldberg and
of course I heart her work as well. There is also a cool
crayon drawing by my daughter and there is a really great
piece from foundbirdstudio
and one from monstertown
one from suspectshoppe
and one from shuusei.
There are 10 frames in all. I still need to get
the 10th one. They were outof it at Ikea.

Lillies from Dad...smell wonderful

Clogs from hubby...these days I live in Danskos

Roses from Brother, sister-in-law, niece and nephew. What a
wonderful surprise!!

Cake made by Hubby Decorated by Daughter.
There is only one cake on the earth and that is
angel food.
So...I was sick for the first time in I don't know when on my B-day.
That is a huge bummer for me...I heart my B-day. It still rocked the house
but just in a mellow way which I actually liked but nobody should be
sick on their B-Day. Anywho....December 12th rocks da house and I was
in it most of the day. xoxoxoxo Oh...I almost forgot. Thanks to all of you that
sent me some love. Every year on my B-day I send out a mass email
announcing it is in fact my B-day...what can I say I really heart my B-day.
Thanks everyone for the lovexoxoxo

Let the Holidays begin....

CATEGORY: | Sunday, December 10, 2006

We went to Jason's big Holiday Work Party...once again at the Sheraton. It was great fun. Hunted for something to wear...decided I was not in love with very much out there...finally found it and was very pleased. What is the deal with all the peasant tops????? I mean they are gorgeous on the hanger but on me...they just don't work out. It's funny that when you have the money it's a lot harder to find something you love. I did get a bunch of new socks and threw out a bunch of my old tired ones. That was very satisfying. We also went to return our overdue books and get new ones. It's no biggie..they don't charge overdue fees for kids books. Oh and we washed and vacuumed our car. It is soooo nice to be in a clean car. I bought this stuff you sprinkle on your rugs. It is
Eucalyptus and is made by Esteban. Wow...our cars smells wonderful now. Right now I am behind on orders and trying to catch up...so back to sewing I go. Just wanted to say Happy Holidays.... oh...it's my birthday Tuesday...12.12. Happy early birthday to me. I told my husband last year I have never had a surprise party...hint, hint...well it doesn't look like it's going to happen this year either...oh well. Another year of life is a huge present in itself.

Very sad....

CATEGORY: | Thursday, December 7, 2006
So upset to hear about James Kim. I just had so much hope and belief he would be ok. My love goes out to his wife, daughters, family and friends. I can't imagine how Kati, his wife will cope but I know for the sake of their girls she will. I am deeply, deeply sadden by the news.

Urban Craft Uprising...my very first craft fair!!!!!!

CATEGORY: | Monday, December 4, 2006

Hey it's Look What I Can Do!!!!

Andrea and Darcey in da booth

My husband Jason sooooooo stole the show. He was closing the deals
realing them in and charming the cash right out of their pockets. He was
a Indie Craft superstar. He handed out all these candy canes with my
website that Darcey made and when he ran out he went to QFC and made
more with the extra tags Darcey brought!!! He had a blast and
I loved every minute of it.

My Husband built the booth grid but we thought it out together. The grid Made the
booth and as usual Jason's rocks the house.
We had some green paint left
over from our bedroom wall and I LOVE green. My friend Darcey made the
cool puff ball Love=Creatures sign and lots of other great signs. She also worked with
me the first day and we had a lot of fun. We are both stay at home
Ma's so it was nice to get out. She has 3 kids so even nicer for her. She's the best!

Nothing says craft fair like DumDums

Bunnies were flying out of da booth

One of my closest friends Andrea comes for a visit and to
love on some Creatures