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Posted by Admin Eson on Saturday, August 4, 2007 in
This is an older self portrait...our room is totally
different now...it is one of my favs...

I was tagged by Zoe of a to z....it's been awhile and I actually like sharing so here goes....

I have Sarcoidosis in my lungs and am currently experiencing what I call an episode. (when I have an episode I get very, very nauesous and extremly exhausted..there is also lots of joint and muscle pain and I feel very short of breath) When you see an X-ray of my lungs you see snow flake lesions all over them. I was diagnosed with it in 1997. In order to find out that's what I had they had to rule out everything else. So I had tests for TB, Aids, ultra sounds on my legs to check for blood clots, weird breathing tests to check out my lung quality, a bronchosopy...they stick a small tube down your nose and then it goes down your throat and they take a small sample of your lung. Good times.... Then finally I had Laparoscopic surgery. They put you under, deflate your lung and take a bigger sample of your lung. Fun stuff. I had 3 small incisions about 1 inch long. When I woke up there was a tube draining the fluid from my lungs and I was in some serious pain. Deflating a lung is a super weird experience. It took months to figure out what I had and when they ruled out cancer with the sample they were thrilled to find out I did not have terminal lung cancer...which is what the surgeon thought he was going to have to tell me. Anywho...I feel very lucky but living with Sarcoidosis is very strange sometimes. It is an auto immune mystery disease. So sometimes when I feel like crap I have no idea why and then I remember...Sarcoidosis.....it makes me feel really crazy and like I am making it up...and I never know how long an episode is going to hang around.

2. I have been a vegetarian since 1986. It started out as a consistency thing. Meat just made me gag...but now I feel the political part and the animal lover that I am is glad I don't eat meat. Our daughter is also a veg...Jason is not. He tried for a year or so but it did not suit him. It made him feel sick in the end.

3. I love being a Ma. It is the best thing I have ever done...next to marrying Jason. It never ceases to amaze me and I just love, love, love it. It has taught me so much about myself, the world and what is really important to me. I just love every single phase....not to say it is always easy but all the hard parts are so worth it. I have really grown as a human being in the last almost 6 years. I can't believe she is going to be 6 in a month...man.

4. I LOVE Chihuahuas. Mine is named Gucci and he is a handful but I love him all the same. My first one was named Picasso, I called him Pico for short a lot, and he was a doll. He was a black and tan...Gucci is a tri-color. Whenever I see one I talk to the owner and the Chi and I just love meeting new ones. Someday when we have more room we will get a second. This time however we will get a girl. Boys are tough...and our little Gucc is an alpha male to boot.

5. I am OCD...I have shared this before but being OCD I felt the NEED to share it again. I was molested by my Grandfather when I was 6...so my control issues are larger than they would have been. Also my birth father (he exited my life at age 6) told me from birth to 6 not to let other kids play with my toys because they would break them or steal them. Who tells a child that??? Anywho...it's not so bad. It takes me a bit longer to leave the house then most folks. Checking the lights, locks, burners and plugs... The panic attacks are the weirdest part. I get them in waves usually and some are far worse than others. I went to the emergency room for one once. It was the biggest one I have ever had. I lost the feeling in my hands and feet and was convinced I was going to die. Sooooo scarey.

6. I am a very tidy/clean person. I vacuum almost everyday, dust once a week, and am constantly organizing something. Once recently Memphis and I had to use the public restroom at a Safeway...it was one of those uni-sex ones...sososososo GROSSS...when we got home I went on a total cleaning frenzy. I was so grossed out. Oh...I NEVER use sani-cans...no way man.

7. I LOVE fabric...JUST LOVE it. Especially vintage fabric from the 60's and 70's....cotton.
My dream job is to work for Marrimekko designing fabric...or at least take a tour of the Marrimekko headquarters...

8. I am an empath...I feel the emotions and energies of others. The bad part is sometimes the negative energy can be exaggerated by me and somebody that might be having a bad day or is just unhappy can be read by me as a danger. I worked in retail for years and years and I always knew who was shoplifting or trying to. It often amazed my co-workers and boss.

Ok...by now you probably think I am looney...oh well...that's me
So now I am supposed to tag 8 people and I choose...Kristina, Meg, Jen, Erin, Mary, Jhoanna,
Elisabeth, and Lauren. If any of you have already been tagged...oops.

Anywho...I am feeling a bit better today and will updating my shop this weekend...some tonight...some tomorrow night...I am still working on special orders too and my few swaps are just about done....life is good...

Time for flickr favs...
So gorgeous...
So nice and clean...loving this
so amazing
I want this
SO cool
Of course I want this...and what a gorgeous series...
I love this idea and this one is my fav..
I adore this....

Happy weekending all....

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