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Kristina Karkovski...a gorgeous and talented Ma all the way in Denmark! THANK YOU SO MUCHxoxoxo

CATEGORY: | Thursday, August 30, 2007

Ok....FINALLY I am sharing my swap with Kristina!!!! I have been a long, long time admirer of her work and I cannot believe that I actually own some of her work now...just LOOK how gorgeous. She sent me some yummy candy (as you can see I ate all the Licorice) and it was all organic and from Denmark!!!! I LOVE the magazine she sent and it has some yummy modern design in it. I am in LOVE with a kitchen in it. Of course we totally heart the Giraffe and the cat!! The paper Giraffe and Elephant I have wanted for like ever!!! The cute little vintage bowl and the wooden mushrooms!!!! Then there was the chicken fabric and I WILL make them into pillows for our home!!! Oh and this adorable vintage yellow sweater that I will be showing in the future on my little model and a super duper cute paper bull!!! I wish so badly that I could go and visit Kristina and her family. I just know we would hit if off in real life too. This is what I LOVE about the craft/artist blogging community...I actually have made friends that I would never have had the chance to meet!! I get to be a stay at home Ma on a fixed income and feel like I have traveled the world....I once again would love to say thanks sososo much to anyone and everyone I have met via my blog/shop/Flickr. You are all blessings in my life and I value your input/compliments/swaps/gifts/and well YOU!!! Thanks sososo much Kristina....you are a wonderful, wonderful person. xoxo

Flickr and Fabric...that's the bulk of my life and I love it.

CATEGORY: | Monday, August 27, 2007
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This one haunts me...

as does this one....

and this one...

this one too...
and this one...

oh this one hurts to look at I love it so...
Have never seen another one like it...
So....occasionally I go on the world wide web and just look. I just LOVE fabric so very, very much. These are all fabrics that I saw somewhere on the web. All vintage(with the one Marimekko exception, of course)...all gone now.
I can't afford it all ya know. Anywho...just thought I would share. I get very inspired by fabric and would love to cover just about everything in it. If I won the lottery I would design fabric for a living and fill my gorgeous home with it. It would be so fun and so Bomo. Vintage fabric is my all time fav especially the Scandinavian vintage fabrics. I have noticed that Australia is a hot bed for amazing vintage fabric as is London. Oh what fun I could have traveling the world in search of amazing vintage fabrics. I also LOVE wallpaper and am sooooo happy it's back. Hopefully someday soon my home will have a wallpapered wall....oh that would be wonderful. Thanks so much Erin for the posting about my Jack Rabbits. I totally appreciate it and am so glad you are happy with them. I too have some mail to share and now that my computer has had a complete overhaul and an upgrade or two it looks like I can do an actual blog posting tomorrow. The photos above are in a folder that I have....it's purpose is to inspire and that is why I don't have any credits....ooops. Guess I should have saved some credits as well. Anywho....I am about to embark on a whsl sewing spree....I currently have approx 60 or sew to whip up for my whsl orders.....oh...my....gawd...when I say that out loud it seems like sososo many.
Anywho....it keeps me busy....I have been a bit down and out this week and am hoping to turn it around. My gorgeous friend Andrea came over last night for an impromptu visit. It was wonderful. I was so extremely excited to see her.....I heart her so.
Okay...I must sew...xo

Our little ballerina....is getting so big so fast...

CATEGORY: | Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Memphis's God parents....Kim & Robby visit from Portland

This weekend was a doozy. The wedding was a fun wedding and now all I have to do is work on the photos and print them out now. I will say this....wedding photography is the hardest thing I have ever done in my life besides giving birth but it's seriously right next to it. Anywho...the hard part is done now I just get to agonize over how I could have done this better or that better or why didn't I think of that......
We are on vacation this week and taking a few day trips...should be fun. Going to the beach today....the real beach. Anywho...super busy will share more later this week.
Oh...I also have some amazing mail to share but my computer is being super difficult!!! We have to reconfigure everything because it takes me forever to do even the simpliest of tasks....my fault my photo files are a mess and taking up loads and loads of space.
Anywho...Happy Wednesday :)
Here are some Flickr favs.

So cute
Loving this
Thanks Ambika
Thanks Joulu
Super cute
Loving this piece

Beautiful Beach, beautiful Light and our beautiful Girl

CATEGORY: | Saturday, August 18, 2007

This is where the wedding is going to be...only a lot of it will be inside the building that's on the beach. Love this lens oh so very much wishing it was mine. It is a Canon 24-105mm f4 and you can get it on sale as low as $699.00 but it's priced at about $1029.00. It is such a fun lens to use that I can't get over how much I love it. So we went to test it out and to inspect the surroundings. It is actually our favorite beach and we do go there a lot but it had been awhile and well...I wanted to test it out...oh and test the rented camera body as well...Canon 5D. I just have a Digital Rebel...I do love it so but the 5 D is amazing. Now I totally want that too. Anywho...wedding is tomorrow and I am very anxious to have it all be in full swing. I really am no good at all at the waiting...hope everyone has a wonderful weekend and thank again for all the kind words. xoxo