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Good-bye Uncle Bill...you always ROCKED and I LOVE you madly!!xoxo

CATEGORY: | Tuesday, February 26, 2008
I Love Uncle Bill
Aunt Pam, Katie & Uncle Bill
Uncle Bill & Jason
Aunt Pam & Uncle Bill
My Ma, Aunt Bonnie, Uncle Bill, Uncle Andy, Uncle Jim & Uncle Al
at our family re-union at Gulf Hills Dude Ranch in Mississippi.

My Uncle Bill was born January 31st, 1948...he just turned 60! I am so very, very glad that I called him on his birthday and sent him a letter with some photos....:) He was my Grandma Betty's 4th child and 2nd boy. I remember when we were kids he would pretend he was Wolfman Jack, a radio personality, and make us laugh, giggle and squeal with happiness. He would make the Wolfman Jack voice and funny faces. He always made funny faces and said 'Come on...are you serious?' After I got married he would always ask me if I was still in love and I would say 'Yes' and he would always reply...'Isn't it great!' He was kind of a loner but was madly in love with his wife Pam. Sadly we lost Pam to cancer 2 years ago and Uncle Bill's heart was broken.
Her cancer was advanced when it was discovered so she left us shortly after it was found. It was shocking and she was only 51 years old. She had just turned her life around...quit smoking...started exercising...eating healthy and bam...cancer. She was always thin and pretty but wanted to be healthy and strong. I used to email her all the time and she would show my Uncle Bill...he was not computer savy. I would send them photos of Memphis and tell them how life was going. It was so wonderful to stay in touch and when she died, it shocked us all so very much and it was harder to track my Uncle Bill down. He was an incredible musician and had a killer vinyl collection. He loved Eddie Money and the Beatles the most. He would call me up and just play me songs. He was such a character and would always make me smile. His funeral is taking place today, in Illinois where he lived and where my family is from....Because I am 7 months pregnant I decided it would be too hard on me to go...I regret that now. I wish I was there with the rest of my family saying good-bye and getting one last look at his life. He is the first of my Ma's siblings to leave us and it just breaks my heart. He wasn't ready yet...he had just had cataract surgery and was eager to start golfing again. My Ma's whole family golfs because my Grandfather did...which is funny because they are all not rich and Golf really is a rich person's sport for the most part but in the Midwest it seems there are loads more folks that golf. His daughters Katie and Jillian are all alone now and it must be so awful. Katie is married and has a son, JJ. They have Pam's folks, their Grandparents, but how awful it must be to be so young and not have any parents...my heart goes out to them too. I will do my part to stay in touch with them and remain in their lives...it's really important to me to do that. I know my Uncle Bill would really appreciate it and so would my Aunt Pam. I really, really wish I could have visited my Uncle Bill while he was still here. I know he will always be in my heart but right now my heart is really hurting and I just wish I could call him up and have him play me some music and make me laugh. I love you Uncle Bill xoxo

This is for you Uncle Bill
This too
and this
this one just reminds me of him...pretty much all 70's rock does
and of course this...which you played for me all the time.
This one is because I know you miss Pam so very much...
This one is because I don't want to say bye bye
and this one is for me....

Some new Plushies in my shop....

CATEGORY: | Thursday, February 21, 2008
New handprint to add to the bunch...
Alfie the Skinny Bear in my shop NOW

This pregnancy is getting to me. I had a panic attack today. I just got too tired. Jason came home early...it was super sweet of him and helped me A LOT!!! So...now I must hit the hay....sorry to be such a stranger...I will share more soon. xoxo

Happy Heart Day!!!! xoxoxo

CATEGORY: | Thursday, February 14, 2008

Happy Heart Day to one and all!!! Hope it's filled with love and laughter!!! xoxoxo
Here are a few flickr favs for Heart Day....

Love this shot
Soooo cute
So adorable
Cool idea
We collect rocks too.
Love these guys

Happy almost Wednesday....

CATEGORY: | Tuesday, February 12, 2008
Tova the Tweet Tweet Bird...sold

Our little artist at work....

Found on the side of a building today...

A sweetie cooking up some sweets

Gota & Gogo the Liebe Monster Love=Creatures...both spoken for
Hex the Owl...sold

Urrie the Liebe Monster Love=Creature...one of my all time favs...sold

This is going to be quick....had pregnancy depression yesterday...the kind that sets in from nowhere, hits you hard and leaves you crying and crying...ok today...in fact better than ok....super!! Ran errands yesterday and bought the boy some shoes...too cute had to have them...
you can see them here....anywho after all my errands I came home got some stuff done and after I picked up Memphis the Depression hit....after she fell asleep I was on the verge of tears and when in bed the tears came pouring out. All I can say is hormones....and maybe a bit of stress...anywho..today was much better! Went and got some photo paper, came home walked the dog...did some housework...picked up Memphis and no more depression!!! OH and our good friends Ken and Rose bought us our stroller!!!!!!!!! I was like...OMG!!! I don't know how to thank them and I am just soooo excited to have it. It's the Cadillac of strollers!!!! Seriously!!!!I am pinching myself as we speak....WOW!!!! So...today was a much better day and even if I feel like a stressed out human blob...we have our stroller!!!! Our boy will ride in style and Memphis loves it. She can't wait to push him in it. She's so excited!!! So...happy almost Wednesday!!!

Few flickr favs....
I love Las Vegas...for two days...
so pretty
so tiny
cool shot
super cool

Thanks for buying a Love=Creature, thanks for all the kind words, thanks for nominating my blog and thanks for the wonder mail!!!

CATEGORY: | Sunday, February 10, 2008
A BIG thanks to all of you that have purchased a Love=Creature or commented on my blog or flickr!! I appreciate ALL of you very, very much. xoxo

My very own Creation from Dolls for Friends!!!
We LOVE him very much and he now has a forever home with us.
Memphis is still deciding what to name him. xoxo
Gucci forever on the alert...

Her dinos are busy flying around Dino land

Super cute thrifted book!!!

Love my new tote!!!

Super duper cute thrifted book !!

First I would like to thank any and all of you that have purchased a Love=Creature and/or have made a wonderful comment on my blog and/or flickr!! Thanks so very, very much. It means the world to me to feel like my creations make people happy. Taking a break from whsl has been nice too because unfortunately I am super duper tired now and not that comfortable. At our last ultrasound we found out that our boy is in the 90% for size and they want to do another ultrasound in 5 weeks to try and help plan out the birth...obviously they are worried about his size and mine. AAAAAHHHHHHH

Next I would like to Jill from Dollsforfriends for asking me to trade with her. We love our creation and are thrilled to give him a forever home!!! Super fun and I would love to stay in touch!!! Nice to make new bloggy friends!!:)Thanks Jill!! Check out one of my favs here.... Buy your very own Dollsforfriends here....

Next I would like to participate in the 'You Make my Day Award' and would like to thank...
Danica of Slow Progress for nominating me ....I LOVE her blog and flickr!! She is amazing!!
I would also like to thanks Jhoanna for nominating me as well...she is an amazing plush artist and we have been blogging buddies for awhile now...thanks you guys and now I would like to nominate my 22 for the'You Make my Day Award' sorry I couldn't pick just 10 and believe me it was hard to pick 22...so if you were not mentioned by me...it does not mean you don't inspire me. Thanks to all of the craft community in bloggy/flickr land!!! You are the BEST group of people I have ever known!!! :)

1. Danica of Slow Progress...as mentioned above I adore her and her creative process. She has amazing taste and super fab links!!! Thanks Danica!!

2. Jhoanna of One Red Robin...an amazing person and plush artist!!! Blogging buddies for awhile now. Her posts always make me smile!!!:)

3. Ashley G of Kitty Genius...she always makes me laugh, I love her work and she was one of my first Etsy friends...thanks Ashley :)

4. Lisa Congdon of Lisa Congdon Art+Craft...she is an inspiration to me and I feel lucky to have her as my blogging friend. I want to steal her new doggie Wilfredo! Thanks Lisa :)

5. Meg of Pixiegenne she too makes me laugh, I love her links, she is a super Ma and she makes some super amazing art!!!! She is also my special bloggy pal!!! Thanks Meg!

6. Martha from Uniform studio!!! She is a brilliant genius! I admire her minimal style and long to be more like her. She has super links and I love her posts. Very insightful. Thanks Martha :)

7. Janne from What's My Blogging View is an amazing woman. She has super cool posts, loads of great links and is an amazing artist! Thanks so much Janne :)

8. Elisabeth from Fine Little Day...she has amazing style, gorgeous pad, super links and I love her posts...thanks Elisabeth...:)

9.Erin from House on Hill Road...super person, super talented and I really enjoy her blog!!! Thanks Erin :)

10. Jenn from Swallowfield is a super sweet person, has wonderful posts all the time and I adore her art...own approx 6 pieces now I think...Thanks so much Jen :)

11. Victoria from sfgirlbybay...her blog is loaded with amazing links, she has super taste and I love her blog very much....thanks Victoria :)

12. Kirsten from assemblage...what a gorgeous blog, super creative mind and her posts are always so amazing....thanks Kirsten!!!

13. Andrea from Hula Seventy....super creative person, I LOVE photo booths, her posts are always amazing....thanks Andrea!!!

14.Kristina from Karkovski...I LOVE her blog her taste and we have been blogging/flickr friends for awhile now...she is truly an amazing person and I thank you Kristina....xo

15.Leya from Curious Bird...what a wonderful blog she has, super creative, wonderful art and I just really love her blog...thanks Leya...:)

16.Holly of Decor8 has an amazing blog and man what alot of work she puts into it. Thanks so much for all the amazing info and links....Thanks Holly :)

17. Irene of Bloesem...another truly amazing blog that always inspires me so very much. Thanks so much Irene. :)

18.Ambika from Into the Fray...super cool blog...super nice person...always makes me smile...thanks Ambika!!!

19.Kelly from Hoping for Happy Accidents....wow...what a gorgeous blog...thanks so much for the inspiration Kelly....:)

20.Jen from My Polaroid Blog...just found her and I LOVE her blog...I LOVE polaroids and have a collection of my own....Thanks Jen...xoxo

21....Stephanie Congdon Barnes of course inspires us all....I love her work, family, blog(s) photos, home and well just her...thanks from all of us Stephanie you are amazing. !!!!

22. Steph DosReis of A little Deer...is super talented and a bloggy friend of mine as well....she's just the best...thanks Steph!!! She too was one of my first Etsy pals...:)

Thanks sooooooo much Steph DosReis

CATEGORY: | Saturday, February 9, 2008
My little lovie...

Steph DosReis is a blogging/flickr/Etsy friend of mine. About a million years ago (or so it feels like) we found each other on Etsy and we did a trade. I have two gorgeous pieces of art work of hers...pictured above and of course the amazing Neighborhood painting she so generously sent to us. It lives in Memphis' room and we cherish it very much!!!Anywho...this week a wonderful package arrived from her and I am still gasping. I love it all and I can not believe she also sent us some baby boy clothing!!! AMAZING!! I feel super duper duper honored and can't wait to cut into that gorgeous fabric. The tree fabric she sent will be made into a conjoined Jack Rabbit for her and I can't wait to send that off!!! Also she has her own line of cardstock/paper products...check it out here!!
Anywho....she is amazing and her family is so adorable. Thanks sosososo very very much Steph I really truly appreciate it and I will get working on your Jack asap....xoxoxoxo

Some of Steph's work from flickr
LOVE this
her amazing houses
how cool is this!!!
Amazing blocks!!!
Cool cards
Love this cool sewn guys..

Me and baby Boy...2nd ultrasound today!!!

CATEGORY: | Wednesday, February 6, 2008
Ultrasound #2 from today...he is healthy and doing super but...he is in the 90th percentile for size!!! OMG!!!

Me and the boy week 29!!! New dress from Forever 21!!!

Woke up....child was feeling better...we decided she should go to school...they got out 2 hours early today. Drove to mall...went to Forever 21...was there before the stores were open...walked to Nordstrom coffee shop and ate blueberry scone...found 3 dresses and one jacket at Forever 21!!! Am so in love with that place for inexpensive, comfortable pregnancy clothing. It's like a dream come true....came home...had lunch...vacuumed...dusted...did dishes..took photos of new outfits from Forever 21...played with dog...picked up my sweetie girl from school...fed her snacks...went to ultrasound appointment...Jason met us there....all good news except for 90th percentile in size....OMG....came home...had dinner...took photos of Love=Creatures...listed them...did a blog entry at 'The Needle.org'...first one...
about to head off to bed...but I must share a few more Etsy finds....Happy Thursday...xoxox almost. xoxo

Kazaam....love that rainbow hoodie for Memphis

Stitchy Love will make a custom plush for you!!!
SandrineM....super cool art LOVE the polar bear!!!
Prudence...love her dolls

Also please check out the Plush for sale from the Plushed...Art gone soft show...including a few of my pieces!!!!

also if you are in need of one of my plush but my shop doesn't have what you want please check...

Yet another sick day.....

CATEGORY: | Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Low grade fever yesterday and today so loads of resting and of course art work.

Postcard from Rose!!! She did the artwork...:)

....and the sickness takes a new turn. Man we have had a fair share of colds this winter!! My cutie is home again today with a low grade fever and not feeling up to par...I too feel a bit worn out. Anywho...today I have to make a short trip to the post office. I have one package that MUST go today and a few new ones to send. We spent the better part of Sunday going thru stuff and getting rid of stuff. It is an exhausting process and I had a mini break down. I am a pack rat...yep my name is Dawn and I am a pack Rat. I am organized...mostly but I like to store things away like a squirrel. So going thru my stuff is super hard work. I have a bunch of boxes of photos and I managed to get thru 2 and get rid of an entire box in total. I also went thru my fabric stash and got rid of some...went thru my magazines, kitchen cupboards, medicine cabinet and just kept going and going....it is sooooo exhausting making decision after decision of....to keep or not to keep. I get to the point where I don't want to own anything...well maybe a few select items...I just want to shed it ALL!!! So the process continues and minimal Dawn will prevail!!!! She's in there somewhere I just have to dig thru all the crap to find her. Okay...it's not really crap but you get the point. I LONG to be minimal in a Bohemian kind of way. Not so much stark as just more utilitarian. It's sosososososososo hard. Which always brings me back to one question.....'How did I become a pack rat in the first place???' Are we born like that or does our environment and life experiences turn us into people that keep everything just in case. Not to mention the overwhelming desire to collect and make collections??? I was 6 years old when my parents divorced and we moved from Illinois to Washington. After that my birth father was never active in my life or my brother's. He would send presents some holidays and Birthdays but forget the next year. He would call and promise to come out and visit and never did once. He would promise to pay for us to come visit him...and never did once. He also told me from birth to six years old, every time other kids would come to our home, go shut your door and don't let the other kids play with your toys. They will either break them or steal them.' What kind of thing is that to say to a small child....? Anywho I guess my point is somehow this shaped me and I want to shed that part of me and start over. I have not spoken to my birth father in 23 years and I don't plan on ever speaking to him again. I had to resolve that part of my life and move on and I have....as much as possible that is. Being a pack rat for me is much more than the stuff it goes down super deep and totally stresses me out. You should see me when I have moved and I have moved a lot in my life....I come totally un-glued and freaked out....Okay enough about me....time to share a few Etsy favs this week...shops to check out.....

Iscreamseams....super cool stuff
Elsie Marley's diggers are soooooo cute!!!
Love the hearts at Batteries not included
Amazing pillows at Absoluut...thanks Jen for the link :)
Amazing wooden toys...at toysandmore
Love the prints here at Cellphane
Love the plush jewelry at Raeburn Ink