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My Bunnies are in....Seattle Metropolitan Magazine!!!!

CATEGORY: | Sunday, March 25, 2007
Look How cute my bunnies look in print!!!!!
Click on the photo to read the write up :)
Don't forget to VOTE FOR VISAYA!!!

My bunnies are in the April issue of Seattle Metropolitan Magazine!!!!!!!
They are on page 49 in the Spree section!!! I absolutely LOVE the photo and I adore what they wrote about me and my Love=Creatures!! I am soooo thankful and excited. It's even a Best Places to Live Issue which is really BIG!! Thanks sooooo much Laura!!! I really appreciate it...and thanks also to Alvin. It looks AMAZING!!!!!!! I am also reminding everyone to VOTE FOR VISAYA IN THE SOFTIE AWARDS....VOTING IS OPEN UNTIL FRIDAY MARCH 30TH!! A BIG THANK-YOU TO ALL OF YOU THAT HAVE VOTED FOR VISAYA!!! HE REALLY TRULY APPRECIATES YOUR SUPPORT AND SO DO I. It's my Hubby's b-day today so I gotta run. Lots 'o celebrating to do. We went out to dinner last night and it was very nice. Hubby also got a new pair of shoes!!! Finally!! He's super duper picky. Anywho...happy weekending...xoxo

SOFTIE AWARDS!!!!!!!!!!!

CATEGORY: | Wednesday, March 21, 2007
Visaya the Walrus is a finalist in the softie awards!!!

Visaya the Walrus is a finalist in the Softie awards in the category of animals....and let me tell you there were sooooooo many amazing entries in each and every category that I am thrilled and honored to be one of them. The animal category had soooooo many enteries I am even MORE thrilled to be one of the 5 finalists!!!! It's also really funny that Visaya is named after one of my few remaining highschool friends. Visaya the walrus is still up for sale as a matter of fact at Supermaggie!!!! I also would like to congratulate all the finalists!!!
My fellow friend, in blogland, Maritza of Soto Softies has Manny the Mantis!!!! Manny Rocks!
Abbyjane of While She naps has her amazing bird 4!!!!!, Teresa of Sewing stars has her gorgeous whale... and redshoesllc has Felt bird love the eye!... So I am in VERY good company.....soooooooo if you are at all inclined to do so....VOTE FOR VISAYA!!!!!!! HELP SAVE THE ENVIRONMENT AND VOTE FOR VISAYA!!!! Thanks Therese for putting this whole thing together and for giving Visaya his shot at FAME and FORTUNE....and saving the environment thru the fame and Fortune of Visaya the walrus!!!! This truly is a wonderful day and one that will definately go down in Softie history!!! The day a little Walrus Named Visaya got his chance to shine in the blinding light of all who worship, admire and obsess over the softie!!!

For the LOVE of BUNNIES......

CATEGORY: | Thursday, March 15, 2007
If you think this is something just watch...in the next few weeks to come I am going to go Jack Rabbit crazy!!!!!!!! Due to the fact they are going to be featured in a Seattle Mag...more to come on that later....anywho...just wanted to share my bunny love. xo

Hippity Hop Hop Hippity Hop Hop.....

CATEGORY: | Monday, March 12, 2007
Our bunny
Tinker boy
Beaumont SOLD
Robot 1..1..The Easter bunny Gave him to Memphis last year..
made by M. Patrizio

So....the bunnies went into the shop and hopped right out....thanks everyone that purchased one of my bunnies. This batch was really hard for me to part with and I still have not listed Glory the Green bunny above...I just love her too much. We'll see. Anywho...had the flu awhile back and now I have some abdominal issues...went to doctor this morning. They are ruling out everything with blood tests and urine tests....good times. The Doctor thinks I should go to a GI doc which means a colonoscopy for this lucky girl!!! I have had a distended abdomen since last Thursday. I now get to eat a bland diet and take Vicodin for the pain that never stops. He believes it's an intestinal issue...so looks like I will finally be offically diagnosed with IBS!! Ok...I sound sooo awful. I am truly sorry...I'm afraid I am a bit of a crab. Ok..onto happier things. This time I would like to share some blogs I read on a regular basis...so here we go...(keep in mind this is just a handful...there are lots more blogs to share with you later...)

A Bird in the Hand...Lisa Congdon of couse. She is seriously one of my super heros and I have never even met her.
Kitty Genius...Ashley G of course. She is also a hero of mine and an amazing artist. She also makes me laugh. She has a way of writing in her blog that I totally relate to. She also has an
an Etsy Shop.
Pixiegenne...Meg is an amazing artist, person and mother. She totally inspires me and also makes me laugh! We are still saying 'Hot Pocket around here'
She also has an Etsy shop.
Karkovski....Kristina is an amazing stay at home ma that lives in Denmark. One of the top 10 places I would LOVE to visit. Her home is gorgeous and so is she. She also makes me laugh. Plus my maiden name ends in ski! She also has an Etsy shop
Poppalina...Shula is funny, completely talented and well she is my kind of person. I love her sense of humor and her embroidery and sewing skills are amazing.
Shim+Sons...Mimi is a very gifted artist, mother and wow!!! what a sense of style she has. She even makes her cupcakes look mod!! I love her blog!
One Red Robin...Jhoanna is a gifted artist, mother and I love her blog. She also has an Etsy shop.
Soto Softies...Maritza is a wonderful softie maker and she has given me many compliments and brightened my day...she also has an Etsy shop
Artandghost...estrella...her work is amazing and my husband bought me one of her prints. I adore it. Her blog is great too. She's a great person as well and lives in Manchester!!! She also has an Etsy shop.
Shiny Squirrel...Jessica is in the know. She is up on the latest fashions and I check her blog to stay in touch. Being a full time stay at home Ma has me feeling a bit out of sorts and she makes me feel better. I love her taste and she really knows her stuff.
Fifi....just toooooo cute and now has her own Etsy shop...
Bloesem blog....Irene...AMAZING things for you and your home!!! Can't get enough!!!

I also want to remind folks if you are looking for Walruses, elephants, bunnies, or Rhinos you should check out Supermaggie..... and OrangeButton....
There are still some of my Love=Creatures to be adopted there....xoxo


CATEGORY: | Saturday, March 10, 2007

Shop update...new owls and some baby bunnies and bunnies on the way...
Today was a good day. Not much to report...just wanted to share the update and say happy weekending. xoxo

Time to ooooo and aaahhh over my Chihuahua...

CATEGORY: | Tuesday, March 6, 2007

Hey that rythmes...cool. I was taking photos of my Love=Creatures the other day and Gucci was glued to my side as usual and I said to myself hey...I should take a few photos of the Gucc...
So today we went to Ballet, hit Top Pot, went to Display & Costume, hit the Fabric store, Long Drugs, Post Office, went home packed a lunch, met our super cutie friend that is 6 months prego at the park, swung her by Madison Market for a carrot, dropped her off at her doctor's appointment, came home returned emails, walked the dog, ate dinner and then my amazing friend Andrea (Who Rocks) cut my hair. Phew...I'm tired just reading that. It was a great day but I am super tired. Not much else to share today but you know I have more Flickr Favs...
Neato Vessels...
I heart this outfit!!!
What a doll!!!
What a gorgeous kitty
This is neato
So in LOVE
So prettttty!
I heart these...
Obsession with chairs continues..
Nighty night blog land....

A wonderful Monday.......

CATEGORY: | Monday, March 5, 2007

So....Mema (my Ma) came for a visit today and it was wonderful. I love watching her and M interact and I LOVE seeing my Ma. She is super amazing and I only wish her life was easier. She does ok but I wish she would meet a nice man to share her life with...anywho it's always wonderful to see her. I am going to do a photo series of paperdolls. I was playing around a bit today and it was super fun. I am feeling much better but now have a new health issue. Don't worry it's not serious. This weekend was a bit insane. We decided to take the big shelves out of our tiny bedroom and reuse them for our living room storage, floor to ceiling painted white to blend in, storage unit. They will look fab when done but right now our bedroom has piles and piles of my books and photos from photo school. AAAHHHH...so I went into a tailspin, full fledged OCD attack and got rid of oooodles of stuff. Sold some books, clothes and gave a bunch of stuff away. It feels good....of course I'm not done yet and it will be at least a month until or place is put back together but when it's done it will be amazing.
Now some more of my flickr favs....
This photo is very comforting to me somehow...
Love this guy sooo much...how amazing
I have always wanted a Sphinx cat!!!!
I must have this.....
So cool....I am obsessed with chairs!!!
Been thinking about getting another Chi Chi I heart white ones!
Super cool bunny
and last but not least...
Oh how I heart this room...I NEED a wall mural. I want one with trees!

Schmancy is such a cool shop....

CATEGORY: | Saturday, March 3, 2007
Vera the Jack Rabbit
Oskar the Robin
Mildred the Owl
Otto the Jack Rabbit

I just dropped off a few(6 to be exact) Love=Creatures at Schmancy!
It was so very nice to see Kristen. She is such a wonderful person and I hope it is mutual but I always feel like I could chat with her forever...well for a long time anyway. If it's not mutual she's even nicer than I thought she was :)! The store looks great and so does she. I then went into Nancy which was really great. Kate was super fun to chat with and I liked her a lot. Lots of really cool items that were super afforable and unique. (yep that's my owl on the link to the article about Nancy...isn't that cool?)
Then I went to Daiso in Westlake Center where everything is $1.50 and it was amazing. I heart Daiso!!I got some storage containers and some cute little stuff for my daughter. A mini toaster, mini display cases, mini chest of drawers for her jewelry, a fan and some cool stuff for her Easter Basket. I abosolutely loved it. So I had a mini break. Feeling better but not out of the woods yet. Anywho...happy weekending to all...here are a few more of my flickr favs.....

Meg's teapot
This new painting by Lisa Congdon
This photo
This photo
This adorable ChiChiHua (that's how I say it)
This Blythe Doll
and this Donkey I would LOOOVE to have xoxo

Am I getting old?......

CATEGORY: | Thursday, March 1, 2007
I am feeling a bit.....
and slightly out of....
I do not like being called cute either.....but I do love the word cute
for inanimate objects...
This is how she likes her hat....
So...now My cutie is sick. Good times....washing blankets and clothing....how I love when we are all sick. I am finally feeling better but I think I may have a sinus infection. Hooray!!! I was supposed to go to Schmancy today but will have to go Saturday/Sunday or Monday instead. Kristen is sooooo cool. I have re-scheduled and canceled due to on going illnesses...aaaahhh
Anywho I just wanted to say a quick hello and a big thank-you to Heidi Kenney for linking me on her blog. That was a really nice surprise!!! I have always admired Heidi. She gets soooo much done that it amazes me. Although if I were not a full time Ma I think I would be almost as productive...at least I like to think so. Anywho thanks Heidi!!! I would also like to say thanks to Connie for linking my wares that are on Orange Button on her blog...Hopperhome bunny blog.
That was also a very nice surprise!! I really appreciate it Connie.

Now I would love to share some of my favorite flickr photos....
I so hope I get one of these wallets that are done by Tinymeat with Ashley's artwork...
I am sooo impressed with Meg's project...I only hope I am as good of a mother as she..
I totally heart Stephanie's neighboorhood series....she is such a wonderful person as well.
This living room is soooooo gorgeous...
I absolutely adore Shiso Mama (Mimi) and her blog...she is a wonderful person and what amazing taste she has....I adore this wall pocket and all her wall pockets...
I ADORE this and this and this....Irana is soooo talented and only 23!!!
This cat is tooo much....
I loved, loved seeing my Owl Beord that Ashley gave as a gift :)
This totally speaks to me very loudly...I have Sarcoidosis in my lungs...
From the very talented Cynic the Lamb....wow!!!
and last but not least......Julia's designs are sooooooo amazing...I adore them all

That's it for me until next time.
Off to sew and care for my cutie.xoxo