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Kick Ass Mail & Playdates a plenty

CATEGORY: | Friday, July 27, 2007

Too cold for the wading pool...she's still sick :(
Dress is from Uniform Studio and we love it. Thanks Martha!!
I promise you will se a lot more of this dress. xo
Water color painting at RoRo's with best bud Owen
Dizzying day of playdate fun....

Ok...I am totally going list for today...

1. Maybe got 4 hours of sleep last night...Memphis woke up about every 1/2 hour the entire night. She is all stuffed up and her throat hurts...poor thing...poor Mama

2.Playdates are really fun but truth be told they wear me out.

3. Our friend Roro (Rose) is doing great as a new Mama and that little Lottie is plumping right up.

4. Thanks sososososo much Amanda for sending me that gorgeous tree fabric and super cool cards....seriously I am in awe that I own it now. I don't know how I can thank you!!! Thanks a million times. I admire your blog and your work and love to see what you are up to on your flickr!!! I will definately let you know when I make something with it and I am just so grateful!!!! :)

5. Meg, Meg, Meg....you are just too good to me. When I got that package I was like...OMG...pull out next bundle....I can't believe it...next bundle...this is for you Memphis and it's amazing...it really made our week!! The tissue cover is adorable and it is the first one I have ever owned!! The pins are so pretty!!!! All the fabric is gorgeous and especially that lady one that almost made me faint and the clothes for our cutie so ROCK!!! Thanks soooo much. I will definately post photos of what I make with the fabric and Memphis in the dress and jeans. You are super amazing. Thanks for being my bloggy pal.

6. Jen...I LOVE the print and the extras. You too are so kind to me. Thank you thank you thank you. My hubby ooooed and aaahhhed over the print and cards too!! Thanks for being my bloggy pal!! !xoxoxo

7. My sleep deprived butt had to get a move on....much to do...much to do...much to do

Conjoined Twin Madness....

CATEGORY: | Thursday, July 26, 2007
Hansel & Gretel the Conjoined Jack Rabbit Love=Creatures
Dress by Uniform Studio...Martha is a genius!!!
My little artist....

Pepper the baby owl Love=Creature SOLD

Hey there out in blog land...sorry to be MIA on my own blog but Memphis was sick. The fever is now gone and the sniffles have set in. I myself have been feeling a bit wobbly. I put a few Love=Creatures in my shop....and plan to get my special orders all done this week and then put a few more in the shop this weekend. Anywho...I have to keep this short and sweet...a playdate is calling and my little one deserves to go very much...
But what will a few flickr favs hurt....

so so happy they are in their new home
another view
want this
thanks meg...xo

Lisa Congdon is my hero....

CATEGORY: | Friday, July 20, 2007
Lisa Congdon is my real true life HERO!!!
Seriously, I have admired Lisa now for sometime...I can't remember the exact date I found her old blog A Bird in the Hand...now Lisa Congdon Art + Craft...but it really made a huge impact on my life. She is an amazing artist and more importantly a genuine, authentic, caring human being that believes in putting goodness out into the world and Karma. Her art work is now her life and she is very, very successful! Her next show is The Tenderhearted, which opens September 6 at The Candystore in San Francisco. I used to love reading 'A Bird In the Hand' and learning about her life and work and her new blog is really beautiful and she is sharing works by some of her favorite artists. I of course am, as you know, a flickr addict so I also love keeping up with her photo obssession. I have never even met her but hope to one day. Until then I will definately be keeping up with what she's up to via the good 'ole interweb. I plan on posting some more of my real life heros in the future, she's in great company....anywho...Lisa...thanks so very much for making such a positive impact on the world and for making a big difference in so many of our lives....because I know you are a Hero to many, many other folks out there...plus you so rock! xoxoxo

All about summer time fun time.....

CATEGORY: | Wednesday, July 18, 2007
Cartoons in the afternoon
Granger and Northrop the 3rd Conjoined Jack Rabbit Love Creatures made for Allison Sommers
Northrop and Granger the Conjoined Jack Rabbit Love=Creatures made for Allison Sommers....

She was a big hit at Greenlake park yesterday...

Okay...this is crazy...I am still up and can't sleep so I thought....why not get some stuff done.
My brain feels crazy and I will be sorry tomorrow but it happens to me sometimes. I just have so much on my mind I can't sleep. We have been busy, running errands, ballet, wading pools, dog walks...we went a new way today on our dog walk and it was super fun!!!! I love sales especially when something is on sale that you have been dreaming of!!! I found my cutie a pair of Campers for Kindergarten...on sale!!! While she was at Ballet I went window shopping and found these at a super cool kid's shoe store called Sole Food. It was crazy but I have been coveting them for awhile now and they were on sale!!!. Yep...that's right...and she LOVES them. I am busy with special orders right now and I also have a few whsl orders to start very soon....summer is just so fun and busy....and it is our last hurrah before Kindergarten when our new life begins. Mine and Memphis's ....so weird to think about.
I have also been thinking a lot lately about how lucky I am. I have an amazing life and I am proud of myself. I almost feel balanced lately... I still would really, really love another kid but not so sure it's in the cards....I just LOVE being a Ma....soooo much....xox
anywho....I will be adding a few Jack Rabbits to the shop...
Arden is in there right now as I type this... sorry Arden SOLD

Must sleep now....

okay....a few flickr favs couldn't hurt....
okay....I want these
must read this
something my night owl ass rarely sees
hello I love you
so cute it hurts...
must own...I feel like this allllll the time...reading peoples energies...it's freaky man
so funny

What a weekend...what a weekend it was....phew

CATEGORY: | Sunday, July 15, 2007
Owen's Beach Tacoma
Beach bunny
West Seattle with Mama & Mema
My Ma bought me this...I LOVE IT!!!
Rummage score at the West Seattle Street Fair
I heart yellow
Yardsale $1.50 for our Dino girl...brand new..

.....post office, Univ. Bookstore, Tacoma-Owen's Beach Hazels 5th Birthday party,
home walk dog, eat early dinner, clean bathroom, vacuum, dust, do laundry, mop whole entire house(Hubby cleaned bathroom and did laundry)....sew...watch 'One Flew Over the Coo Coo's Nest' while sewing more...exhausted...go to bed...

Sunday...wake up early, check email, feed dog, let dog out, make beds, get ready for the day and get Memphis ready...hubby helping with all of this...hubby stayed home worked on our computers, vacuumed them out...we met Mema (my Ma) in West Seattle, hit some yardsales and a rummage sale, went to the Street Fair...went to lunch at Caper's, more street fair, went to the beach...bye-bye to Mema....went home...walked dog...ate dinner...rested...put pumpkin to bed...now I must sew...

a few Flickr favs...
Love Shadow photos
want this cat...
this is fantastic...
need it
This is soooo pretty it actually hypnotizes me...

Many thanks are given today...

CATEGORY: | Friday, July 13, 2007
Thanks to the fabric gods....

Thanks to the mailman for bringing me beauty...:)
'The Forest Holds the Key' by Leya Williams of Curious Bird
Thanks to you Leya of Curious Bird for my Gorgeous
one of a kind Emphermera & Fabric art piece

Thank you to Leya for the extra really great cards
Thanks to the Dino gods for letting us find Charlie L the Dino for only
Thanks bath time...it always relaxes
Thanks to my sweetie for my fun dizzy ride
Thanks to the Goodwill for this fabric find...:)

Thanks to Mama for my dinner....
Thanks for a gorgeous summer day filled with
fun, errands and most of all thanks for the little love of my life!!!

First I would like to thank Leya for my GORGEOUS collage. What a wonderful surprise to get yesterday. I was having a REALLY bad day....life is really hard sometimes....Anywho...thanks Leya and I am so glad you also like your Jack Rabbit & Robin.

Woke up later than I had wanted...made beds, did dishes, fed dog, picked up home, got sweetness in the tub, did areobics, took forever getting packages ready, talked on phone with good friend Rose too long, chatted with Andrea and Ma went to post office, went to park & wading pool, made dinner, ate dinner, wasted time on internet...not really a waste...time to relax...
Now I must sew....

Flickr favs....
Love this photo...
I heart this Kitchen...
Love Royko's glassware!!! and photos
Super COOL!!!
Have always wanted one of these
Love this
want this
this should win an award
More Leya greatness....
Oh wow!!!
such a great photo
Such a great photo....and that bundle of cuteness...xo

HAPPY WEEKENDING ALL!!! May the yardsale gods shine on you and yours!!