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More more more...there's always more!

CATEGORY: | Saturday, June 28, 2008

Once again I covet what I cannot afford...isn't this gorgeous. You can find it at
Lauren Nassef's Etsy Shop...you lucky duck :)

The AMAZING Betsy Walton...found here
she is truly amazing and I adore her work...

Startfunkel.etsy.com...I adore this

neawear.etsy.com....these are amazing and this one should be mine...first letter of my name all my life...I love it.

This is gorgeous and I just adore yellow....tiananana.etsy.com

Okay...this is cracking me up so much....purry.etsy.com

Long time admirer of her work...so beautiful kjoo.etsy.com

I think this is amazing...it's sold but check out her shop...michellemoode.etsy.com

So...that's it for me. Just in the mood to share. Very hot day, very tired Mama. I love the sun but getting used to it takes me some time and man we had a busy busy week. Lots of parks and wading pools and errands and walks and wow....Hope everyone is having a super fabu summer.
My sewing machine is having loads of issues...not so good. If anyone has a good suggestion for a new machine that is around $550.00 please, please let me know. I currently have, love and adore my Bernette 440 which I have had for like ever...but it is really loud and now the tension is freaking out....aaaaaahhhhhh PLEASE SEWING MACHINE GODS SMILE DOWN ON ME!!!

Summer time

CATEGORY: | Tuesday, June 24, 2008

the monster tree and Memphis

visit with Mema (my Ma)

Lunches are back

yummy fruit and super yard sale finds

love notes for me from hubby

Finally summer is here. We have had a gorgeous weekend and week. It was busy but fun. So far this summer we have went to the zoo, had a some play dates, visit with Mema, lots of long walks, gone to the park, slept in, done errands, mowed lawns, watered yards, weeded, cleaned house, did laundry, colored, sang songs, read books and oh so much more. It's been wonderful.
Now I must go and sew....xoxo
A few flickr favs for the road
so in love with this
wow wow wow
looking so good...
such a great dress and photograph
love this shot

Thank you so much Natalie!!!!!

CATEGORY: | Monday, June 23, 2008

Look what we got in the mail on Friday...sorry for the delayed thank-you but it was a busy weekend. Natalie is my biggest customer and also a virtual friend. We have never met but she is one of the nicest people I know. This is the 2nd package she has sent us and man is she amazing. This time it was in honor of new baby Soren. The top plush is for Soren and is a baby Molli from morninglori an Etsy shop. The book is really super cool and I love the illustrations and she sent an Olivia book too. Memphis loves Olivia!!! The bottom plush is for Memphis and is a Chimian also from the same Etsy shop. She packaged it all so gorgeously with cool tags, cute sticker and super cute card but we ripped it open too fast to photograph it. Anywho she sent a super sweet card congratulating us on the addition to our little fam and we all want to send out a huge cyber hug and a great big THANK YOU NATALIE!!!! Natalie does not have a blog/shop/or flickr account but I am sure many of you Etsy folks know her. She is an avid plush collector and such a sweet person. She has supported my work for a long time now and I am super duper grateful. We really appreciate you and we feel very, very lucky to have you in our lives. Thanks sosososososo much. xoxoxo

When it rains it pours....

CATEGORY: | Tuesday, June 17, 2008

awesome orange monster from whomadewho

It is the last day of Kindergarten today and I am super emotional. Didn't see that coming and I am blaming it on being over tired. Memphis' teacher is amazing and was perfect for her. We will miss her so very, very much. Anywho...to take my mind off of how crummy I feel I decided to list some of my favorite Etsy finds/sellers. Some of these items have sold but you can still check out their shops. Happy Tuesday and cross your fingers that I stop crying so much. xoxo

I have been to Wondermoutain!!!

CATEGORY: | Monday, June 16, 2008

Lisa Congdon's Show at Velouria in Seattle...I just love it all....

The marvelous Diana Fayt, me, amazing Lisa Congdon and of course Memphis

Lisa and Soren

I also met Ambika of Into the Fray

Such a great Poppy!!!

Flea market find!!!

Flea market find!!!

Flea market find....

Amazing shelf...flea market

Super Memphis returns

So....this weekend was wonderful. My family and I went to Wondermountain and won the trifecta!! The trifecta of bloggy land that is. This weekend I had the amazing opportunity to met not only Lisa Congdon...one of my heroes but also the dirt cool, super talented Diana Fayt and as if that was not enough...I also met super hip, makes amazing jewelry, super sweet Into the Fray Blog... Amibka!
Lisa was just like I thought she would be...dressed to the nines, real, down to earth, funny, very smart and has a magnificent life force surrounding her. It was just amazing to finally meet her in person and now we are no longer just virtual friends. Diana was also amazing...and blew me away. She was super great to chat with and just a super incredibly nice person. She also did some drawings with Memphis which was really sweet! Both ladies were superb with my kids (Lisa Couldn't wait to hold Soren) and Memphis (although you don't always know it) was in love with them both. It was such a treat to spend some quality time with them both. Thanks ladies we all enjoyed it. Then later that night we went to Lisa's show Wondermountain at Velouria a super cute shop in Ballard. Lisa's work was even more vibrant and alive in person and so detailed..I loved it all. Jason was a big, big fan of her Birch trees and Memphis and I adored the castles. Soren mostly slept thru it but was really trying hard to vocalize just how much he loved all the art and the folks that came out to see it. I was hoping I would see Ambika and I did...she is just absolutely lovely and so is her beau. We chatted it up and hopefully we will meet again...maybe for a drink or coffee? I also got to see Kristen which was an added treat. She is such a nice person and once upon a time I saw her more often. I have not gotten out much so it had been awhile and she got to meet Soren. It really was an experience I will always cherish. Lately I have been a bit blue and it really cheered me up and inspired me now I just have to keep my energy levels up so I can do something with all this inspiration!!!
Then on Poppy's Day we started our own family tradition of just hanging out and taking it easy. We went yardsaling, because Jason said 'There might be a few' no such luck....but we ended up at the Fremont Flea Market and I am in love. Man...I have to go more often. I have not been since they put up all those new big buildings. We found some fabu stuff and for dirt cheap. So...all in all it was a really amazing weekend and I am just so very grateful to have such a great family and to know so many talented, wonderful, true folks. I really do have a blessed life and I am thankful for it daily.

Here are some recent flickr favs...it's been awhile.
of course
such a nice person...
so pretty
I love this

It always sneaks up on me....

CATEGORY: | Friday, June 13, 2008
My wonderful husband the best Poppy in the world
Ken (my birth Father) and My Ma...isn't she hip...I fold this photo and have it in a small frame...only my Ma's part shows.

It's Father's day weekend again and that means that I get the blues...I never notice it until it hits me. I get really blue, start weeping over really weird stuff and don't know why and then I look at a calendar and see that's it's almost Father's day. Today I dropped Memphis off to school and saw a group of Mother's walking with their kids, little babies and toddlers and I started to cry. I was like...'What the heck is the matter with me? and then it hit me...Father's day. You see my folks got divorced when I was 6 years old and shortly after the divorce we moved from Illinois to Washington and Ken has only seen me 2 times that I can recall. Once when I was really little maybe 8 or 9 and once when I was Jr. in highschool. Some years he remembered our Birthdays and Christmas and some years not. It was really, really hard to know that you had a Dad but he just didn't care to be a part of your life and for the longest time I thought it was my fault. Shortly after the Divorce...a few months...my Ma met my Step Dad. When we moved he didn't come with but about 6 months later he moved out to Washington and in with us. They never did get married but were together for 23 years. They had many problems through out the years. I remember a lot of fighting and yelling and we were often referred to as my Mother's kids. Usually when he was mad at one or both of us. He also told me at a very, very young age that when something goes wrong if you dig down deep enough you will find that somewhere along the lines you made a decision and it is your fault. Yeah, I know really nice thing to teach a young kid...it took me years and years to shake and still creeps in now and again. Anywho...this weekend is once again Father's day and my Step Dad's Birthday and I'm not going to celebrate either one...I might call though. I think this year is the year to let it all go and start a new tradition...one that is centered around my Husband who just happens to be the best Poppy in the world....man my kids are lucky.
So here's to you Jason...thanks for being such an amazing father to both of our children. They have no idea how lucky they are but I do!!!! :)

Jennifer of Cotton Monster ROCKS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Okay...so awhile back when I was still pregnant Jennifer and I decide to do a trade (my half is only 70% done but it is close) and she sent me these guys!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I am in love!!! She even sent an extra....the cool jelly Monster. We already LOVE LOVE LOVE her work but I seriously can not believe how wonderful she is!!!! I have to save both of them for later. Memphis' Birthday is in September and Soren will get his for X-mas....oh it's going to kill me. Thanks sosososososos much Jennifer!!! I really appreciate it and am just so thrilled!!!! Your half will be done soon...sorry but I am a bit of a mess. If you have not heard of Cotton Monster (no offense but where have you been????) you MUST go and check out her website right now and watch for the next update! Believe me you will be so very, very glad you did!!! She even decorates the boxes she ships them in.....Jennifer you are a genius...and I have been a BIG fan for awhile now. You are one of my Plush heroes!!!

My new Wubbie monster Love=Creature...meet Wilkie

CATEGORY: | Thursday, June 12, 2008
Our little man is 8 weeks old.

So...I am slowly getting things done but mostly I am taking care of Soren. Life is really, really great and I am doing my best to get my creative energy going...must get more sleep.

Just a quick hello...oh by the way...tomorrow Ashley Goldberg will be at her opening at Schmancy!!!! Amazing....I feel like I have known her for ages but we have never met in real life...I can't wait to meet her and Drew. Plus the show looks amazing...it is Ashley and Bisbee Stitches....and it called Pens and Needles...such a great name...plus I heart Kristen...the master mind behind Plush You and of course Schmancy....I'm taking the whole fam with me so it will be an early night but we all need a little inspiration and art in our lives!!!

Also it is Creature Comfort's 1 year Birthday Giveaway Extravaganza...so go and check it out. Ez is amazing and her blog is too....I LOVE it....so seriously get over there and check it all out....xoxo

Mail Love.......makes me happy :)

CATEGORY: | Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Kick butt shrinky dink from Eva

Gorgeous packaging...and she sent Memphis a cute bird...I have to photograph that too....


OMG Meg...the cutest onsie EVER...


Gorgeito!!! Thanks Meg

I have to say...I am so very, very, very thankful to have such wonderful Flickr/bloggy friends. I mean...they are just AMAZING people and it once again makes me realize how many truly wonderful folks are out there in that great big world. Eva made that Silhouette for us and it is absolutely perfect, she also sent a handmade little bird she made (must photograph it soon) and Memphis LOVES it and the cool shrinky dinks....She is a wonderful amazing person and I am so very happy to have her as my Flickr/Bloggy pal. Check out her shop and her blog if you haven't already.....xoxo
Meg...once again sent me amazing gifts. That onsie is to die for and I just adore it and the fabric....geez.... Thanks so much MEG!!!! Check out Meg's Shop and blog if you haven't already!!! I feel so very, very lucky to get such amazing mail love. It really and truly makes my day, week, month. So a huge gigantic THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! There really and truly is a lot of good in the world and I am very, very lucky to find some of it.....xoxoxoxoxoxo