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Easy like Sunday morning

CATEGORY: | Sunday, May 31, 2009
Bath time. Then nap time!

Photo Hunters - Books

CATEGORY: | Saturday, May 30, 2009

Today's theme is books. Here I am on top of Mom's bookcase guarding her books. Of extra special guarding are her scrapbooks! There are squillions of hours of time and green papers invested in them. Time that could have been spent with us and green papers spent on us!

Happy Birthday Ma!!! Happy Birthday Andrea and Happy Birthday Rose!!

CATEGORY: | Friday, May 29, 2009

My Mama was always hip :)

Me and Ma Ma's day 2009:)

Andrea...my friend...I heart you!

This is my super duper friend Rose...xo

May is an INSANE Birthday month for me... A LOT of GEMINIS...aaaaahhh
Don't get me wrong I love them but sometimes...So here it goes...a Birthday post to my Geminis...(these 3 ladies are the core of my universe :))

Anywho first thing first...
Ma...I love and adore you. You went thru a lot for us kids and I truly appreciate you and all you have done. After your divorce to our Birth Father you moved us from Illinois to Washington where we lived with your brother Andy and his family for 6 months before you bought us a home. (I have such great memories of those times and getting to know my cousins was amazing...)

It was a small home in a low income housing development but we made it our home and I have a lot of fond memories from those times...even when you made us pick up our crazy neighbors trash that had spilled out of her house into our coldesac...every single weekend. You gave us pride of ownership and appreciation for the outdoors. We also got a killer work ethic and a respect for what we had. I have always wished that you had more money and could travel the world...and spend a lot of time in warmer climates. I feel you are truly a world traveler at heart. Jason and I really appreciate what you have done for us and our children and they both adore you and value your love. You are an amazingly strong woman that beat breast cancer, divorce, low income and have been working hard your entire life. You always made me feel (and still do) that I had somebody to count on and I will always cherish that. You are an amazing person/woman/mother/grandma/soccer player/friend and I don't know what we would do without you...we love you Ma!!! Happy Birthday!!!!!!

Andrea...We have been friends for a LONG time now. You have been there for both of my kids and our family. You are an amazing hair designer/stylist! You have wicked mad singing and artistic talents and are one of the most genuine/nice people I have ever known. I can always be honest with you and you give me amazing advice. You are a gifted listener and make me feel better when I need it. You also make me laugh and I feel like we would never run out of things to talk about. I hope in this year you will find happiness/peace/and financial success. Remember that amazing snow storm when we walked down to your place and we all had so much fun!! I truly and madly adore you!!! I know we will be friends for the rest of our lives and will get to witness all that is to come together. I love you Andrea...Happy Birthday (belated...I know I already saw in you person but you are one of my Geminis)

Rose...I feel like you are my (little) sister. You have a very caring heart and have given so much to me and my family. We have both been around for each others pregnancies/births/and many life changes and I know that you always have good intentions and kind thoughts for me and my family. You make me laugh and we have had a lot of fun together!! You are one of a kind and sometimes it is hard to remember that I am the older one. You are an old soul Rose. :) Remember our party days...all the fun we would have and all the trouble we were. All our late nights hanging out waiting for our husbands to get off work...:) I know that in the years to come our friendship will grow even deeper and we will learn to live with our differences and appreciate them even more. You are totally amazing and my family and I adore you...plus you have the same Birthday as my sweet Mama!!! Happy Birthday Rose...you are going to 'Rock it out' this year and I have a deep seeded feeling that this year will be one of your best so far...we love you Rose. xoxo

Fractious Cat Friday

I'm warning you, Mom, if you don't get this toupe of my deaded furs off mine head NOW I will turn into a Fractious Cat and you'll be sorry!

Angel's Mom came up to visit last night! When our Mom opened the door Angel's Mom said to Angel who was there to greet her "Hi Angie, it's Auntie Dee!" Mom yelled corrected her and said "No, I'm the Auntie, you're the Mommie". They got a good laugh out of that!

Shop till you drop...

CATEGORY: | Thursday, May 28, 2009

From Brightonmoon...Kriya Davis is wicked talented and super nice!!

Love this from Bobnstitch...she also does a super gorgeous ruffle scarf

From Hende...I have a super cool pair from her...so amazing!!
I love these jeans from the Gap...love them

So so so good from Sweetie Pie Press
the first Urban Craft Uprising I did...they were there and they were making buttons/pins the whole entire time while they sold...it was so cool.
From eRosajewelry...this is even more amazing in person...I got this for a gift for a good friend :)

Both of these Gladiator sandals came from Zappos and are by Born...I have the top ones and love them...now I just need a pedicure :) FYI...did you know when you type in Gladiator sandals at Zappos there are 842 styles....WHOA!!

Dropped off Memphis
Hit the U-Village...which I have a love/hate with. It's a nice outdoor mall in Seattle and it's very pleasant and now has an H & M!!! The bummer is I find it very Elitist and I am often treated rudely...ie...I bought a hanging fruit Basket and we hung it up and put 3 apples in it and the chain broke...well of course I took it back but the lady who was NOT helping me said...'That's Funny, I have had mine for 3 years and it currently has about 30lbs in it.' So I asked her if she didn't believe me about the poor (crap) quality of the basket I was returning and she just said that it's weird because hers has lasted so long...Long story short I let her know that I thought she was being rude to me. I won't mention the STORE even though I am ABLE to....but apparently she thought that was a perfectly fine thing to tell me even though it had nothing to do with my CRAPPY basket that I was returning. Not to mention that I was BUMMED about it because I was super duper excited to hang it up...after poor Jason had a bit of a time with it. Our building is OLD so when you put up hooks it take a bit of work and Spackle. I used to work in retail so I do not appreciate it when people treat me rudely or make me feel as if I am not being honest. Seriously...she thought it was FUNNY that my basket turned out to be crap???? aaaahhh
So sorry, being a stay at home Ma with only a 1 year old to talk to I had to get that off my chest...
okay dokey...back to loving life...
So I accidentally went into H & M but only bought two colored tanks...phew.
Then, of course I had to dash into Anthro...and I found a padded letter S to hang by Soren's crib...it was on mark down which was even better.
Anywho...got some sewing done last night and will soon share...
Happy Thursday to all!!!

Thankful Thursday

I am so thankful that Auntie Peggy has let me stay here for the past 3 months while my house is torn apart. The man doing all the works is very slow. When my Mom comes up to visit me, this is the spot on the couch where she sits. Okay, Mom, where are you? I'm ready for a way overdue visit!

Mom is coming up tonight to visit!!!

Wednesdays are Magical....I don't know why?

CATEGORY: | Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Claerwen James...I am a HUGE fan...love love love her work....read more about her here...

Matthew Rich via ffffound

found on ffffound

I too wonder all the time...this is just so delicate and I adore it by ChildlikeWisdom

so gorgeous by Walnut...

This just wows me so much....love it by Aliette

Wednesdays are magical...I am always in an up mood no matter what.
Memphis has an after school class.
Soren is asleep
deep cleaned our pad...well parts of it...
Plumber came...repairs and new sink faucet...
dog walk...
amazingly good new Non-Ice-cream ( I have a lactose intolerance)
Luna & Larry's Coconut Bliss...Mint Galactica...so so so good!!
Since I now have a soy intolerance...somewhat...I was bummed but Jason found this for us...YUMMY!!!
Gorgeous day...
I am making a promise to sew tonight...seriously...no matter how tired...I have important things to get done.
Super excited for life...
As I was walking the dog today I was thinking how some folks live in HUGE mansions...others live in small...very small...apartments...
Some are IMPORTANT people....
Some do yard work...
others take care of kids...
and you know what...We are ALL IMPORTANT...and we are all human beings and we all have something to offer and it is a shame that sometimes we let things stand in our way and our offerings get muffled up...
I love life, I love the sun, I love my Kids and husband, I love my Dog, I love my friends, I love brand new delicious non-ice-cream, I love the possibilities a new day offers, I love the chance to start new, I love routines, I love breaking routines, I love the smell spring brings, I love the color green, I love noticing things nobody else would ever notice, I love to create, I LOVE LIFE!!!

Wordless Wednesday


Some super duper finds.....

CATEGORY: | Tuesday, May 26, 2009

I LOVE these peg leg dolls...she also has vampires :) by mcatgarrison aka the little red fox !

Love this guy...already sold..by Matilde Beldroega!!!

Super cute by Umbrellaprints...

I want them all...by Matilde Beldroega...such amazing work!

Cocoondesigns...so great...just so great!! A whole row of these would be excellent!

I love this guy from DoubleSupaFantastico...so great :)

I really like this guy...Syd from vortinsky

Busybusybusybusy weekend.
Got a bit of painting done.
Went on errands to get new under lady items...
with both kids...so crazed.
Did chores...what a bore.
Went to a barbeque in Tacoma...south of me...saw some good friends I have not seen in years...
love their home...
spent time in the sun...
Dog walks...
books were read..
homework was done...
chased after Sorenzilla as Memphis now calls him...
Did not sew :(
Too tired but I did get inspired...
Hope your weekend was supa!!!
No shop of the week this week...

Tummy Tuesday

This is a pose you don't often see of me with my tummy all exposed. Mom has to be extra special careful with the comb on this area since my furs are so delicate there.

Mancats - Happy Memorial Day

CATEGORY: | Sunday, May 24, 2009
Today we honor and remember those who served in the military and who have given the ultimate sacrifice.

At all the National Cemeteries all the graves will be marked with small American flags. Our Mom's Mom and Dad are both buried here in Milwaukee, WI and their graves will be decorated also. They both served in WWII.

Easy like Sunday morning


Mom says we look like a two headed cat in this picture. Oh, Mom! This is where we are gonna spend today unless we can be tempted down with something good to eat.

I heart big glasses and eye candy....

CATEGORY: | Saturday, May 23, 2009

I guess we like big glasses in this house....well...I guess I do...
Busy busy busy busy.
On my way out the door with the kids.
Jason is painting a wall in our bedroom and fixing the molding and window...so our pad is torn apart and if you remember it is a small pad so that means the kids and I must evacuate...
Happy Saturday :)

Happy Birthday ML!


We want to wish a very Happy Birthday to ML! There isn't anything she won't do for any of us in the CB and right now she has so much going on at her house with taking care of Daddy Charlie and Charlie Taylor Sherwood that we want to honor her today. We purray for all of you every day that everyone gets well and that ML stays strong and well herself. And it's Hugs Weekend so, here's one just for you!

Friday is full of F-U-N!!!!!!!!

CATEGORY: | Friday, May 22, 2009

So today hubby has the day off because he had to work last Sunday...
Dropped off Memphis...
Went to Goodwill...
Got rid of old monitors...
Now have slim, very affordable new LCD monitors....
Also...of course went into Goodwill and had to buy some new to us books for Memphis,
a small bit of fabric, Jason found a really great Spring/Summer Jacket, a cool Virgin Mary for a good friend that loves them...
So far so good...
Hope your Friday is fabulous!!!!

This is just so AMAZING....and I can't stop watching it :)

Formerly Feral Friday and Three Cheers For Barb Day!

Laila and Angel enjoying the good life.

A good friend of ours from the CB and Facebook, Barb, the Mom of Gandalf and Grayson has been given the Official Not The Mama Seal of Approval Award today. You can read how she rescued a neighborhood cat, Whitey and is nursing him back to health. This award is so well deserved! She always goes above and beyond when it comes to us kitties. Kudos to you, Barb!

Nifty things to WANT WANT WANT...

CATEGORY: | Thursday, May 21, 2009

I am head over heels for Peepwool...love all her creations
OMG!!!! My hubby would flip over these...by niftyknits...how cool!!!

What a great idea by Minecreations also a super cool person...

Elizabeth + James....I just died from how much I WANT these shoes... I WANT them SO BAD!!!

Soren is napping...
must get much done...
hope your day is going well...
mine is not...
life is hard sometimes...
at least the sun is out...
So much to do...
time management is not my strong suit...
thanks for stopping by....
Happy Thursday :)