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Red pants and Retroactive Kids....

CATEGORY: | Friday, September 21, 2007
My new red pants and me..a bit too close up buy hey that's me.

Love all the books and the shelf!!

On the other side of the shop you can get your kids hair cut too...

Amazing vintage sweater dresses and sweaters..

This is Trisha's art...so colorful and I love rabbits.

Love that vintage oven...wish I had room for it.

Count the birdies is amazing and just look at that vintage jumpsuit

Cool tops for boys and girls

Retroactive Kids is a kids shop that a friend of mine owns...her name is Trisha and she is also a Mom and an artist. We met at her shops' first location in West Seattle about 3 years ago...wow...time flies. The shop is located in Columbia City in Seattle at 4859 Rainier Ave S.
Seattle, Wa. 98118, (206) 932.3154.
They specialize in retro inspired items for kids and babies and in vintage items. The feel of the shop is just amazing and the new space is a lot bigger and brighter than the old one. I finally got down there and was amazed by how adorable it is. I just love it....So if you are ever in the area or just live in Seattle you should swing by and take a look...you won't be disappointed. Trisha owns the shop with her partner Beth and they just have super taste and are both such great people. Anywho...I have been meaning to make this post for a bit now and I am finally getting around to sharing about it. I really hope that those of you that can will drop by and check it out.

In other news...I am wearing my new RED pants today and thought I would share my new found color...I am very proud of myself for stepping outside my black comfort box. :)
I also have a scrap swap to share and some amazing mail I rec'd all the way from Japan but for now I would like to share some flickr favs and tell you to check out Lisa's shop update....(it's a bit late now...I missed the Ship prints :( ) and also to check out Meg's blog for all the amazing links she posted.....I am sososososososo excited for the new Wes Anderson movie I can not wait!!!!
Meg so rocks. :)

Lots of birds always amaze me...
couch envy
Meg's pick...I LOVE THIS
What a rad workspace...
So funny
This is what I should be doing.....

Happenings around here...

CATEGORY: | Thursday, September 20, 2007

New top...it has a blue gray color...new pants...they are GREEN!!!

Swap I did with Laurie from Old School Acres...isn't he gorgeous!!!
Thanks Laurie

Cool vintage wooden Polish dolls...for Memphis

Finally...a new sink that actually works and does not drip...
hubby installed it Sunday and I'm in love...this was taken
before it was fully done...notice the level and tools

This pararde took place this weekend...it was really fun

Busy setting up the parade!!!


Memphis...'Mama...take a family portrait please....'
Mama...'You mean with a real camera and not pretend'
Memphis...'Of course Mama...you're silly!"

So after allllll this time we FINALLY have a new sink that works. Our old one was from the 50's and the hardware was worn out and not replaceable...so it was off to Ikea for a new sink which my fabulous hubby installed himself... with of course his little helper who was very very proud to get him tools and various parts. She loves watching him put things together.

Then there was the FABULOUS swap I did with Laurie of Old School Acres....
I am friends with her from Flickr and was super duper delighted to swap with her. I have been coveting her owls ever since I laid eyes on them!!! Thanks Laurie!!!! xoxo Go check out her Etsy shop and flicker!

Anywho...I am off to the doc for a check up.
Here are some flickr favs of late...xoxo

Jen...you are amazing.
Gorgeous top...just gorgeous
Thanks Ambika!!!

Once upon a time I went to photo school and shot film...those were the days......

CATEGORY: | Sunday, September 16, 2007
Now we pray...for hope

I dreamt I was a Rockstar
The night grows long
Self portrait...'Shattered'
My first time taking night photos and it was so much fun. I love it.
I used to love printing on cool textured papers

The Day the rats attacked
Being part of the it scene

The years I spent in photo school were some of the best times of my life. At the time I had been managing a small retail shop and was totally burnt out. I needed something that was just for me that I could call my own. So we forked over the BIG bucks to put me in school part time. It was super hard working all day and dragging myself to school after work but I always knew how lucky I was to be able to go. At the time I was very, very depressed and photo school gave my life such meaning and purpose. It was a defining moment for me...one that I will always look back on and be very, very grateful for. I miss the photo shoots the most. Planning them, shopping for them, getting one of my friends or patient hubby to dress up and pose for them. Oh it was magical!! I not only learned how to print in black-n-white and color (color was my favorite...I feel deeply in love) but I also learned about light, exposure, composition and how to be critiqued by my peers. Something I had never experienced before. It was very satisfying to find out just how creative I was and how strong my visual skills really were. I had a lot of natural talent that I had no idea I had. I didn't however have nearly as much confidence in my skills and there were many times this caused me great amounts of stress. I will never forget being in studio lighting class....it was like I found Nirvana...it was blissful...amazing...an entire world opened up to me. I learned that I could actually create my own reality to an extreme. Tell a story straight from my own thoughts. I LOVED it. I learned that I have a dark side...one that is related to some things that happened to me as a young child. I learned that this never fully allowed me to grow up and I would forever be drawn to childhood images...old toys...bright colors...extreme emotions...and the need to be loved and helped. My portfolio class was super duper heavy. Each week we had to dissect each and every image...diving deeply into the meanings. It was very emotional and it taught me so very much about myself. I had a few really amazing teachers that also really helped to build up my confidence. Of course there were the students that had the BEST equipment, knew all the technical terms and could talk a blue streak using all the fancy photo jargon...it wore on me at times. I am not one of those people and it's hard to be around them but I kept telling myself the proof was in the photo and many times their photos were bland and emotionless even if they were perfectly printed and lit. Anywho today I was thinking a lot about the good 'ole film days and decided to share a few of my photos from then. I have A LOT more photos...a lot more and plan on sharing more often.
Thank you Photo school...you were good to me. xo

Plush You 2007...I can hardly wait to see all that wonderful, amazing PLUSH!!

CATEGORY: | Saturday, September 15, 2007
Gestut & Bauernhof the Conjoined Jack Rabbit Love=Creatures
made for Plush You 2007
Bauernhof & Gestut...the other side
Birch & Elm the Conjoined Jack Rabbit Love=Creatures
made for Plush You 2007
Pico & Miro the Conjoined Jack Rabbit Love=Creatures
made for Plush You 2007
Gestut & Bauernhof!!
Pico and Miro
Birch & Elm
Just look at that Conjoined Jack Rabbit madness!!

ok, ok, ok....I FINALLY dropped off my Plush You entries today. I had to finish all that wedding photo work and am working on whsl orders like a crazy person so I seriously panicked when I realized I was still not finished. So today I woke up early and got it done...phew. This year I decided to enter 3 of the same bodies. Last year I did 3 different ones and as you can see I picked my conjoined Jack Rabbits. I think they really display the fabrics well and they can also be used as a home decor item...so hopefully they will go over well. Last year I sold all 3 pieces and I was super happy. One of the fabrics I have used before but they are always so different and it is such a cool fabric. The other two were virgin fabrics for me...never used by me as of yet. How fun!!! I am super duper happy with how they turned out and can't wait for the show...October 12th from 5:00 pm to 9:00 pm at Schmancy!!! I plan on helping set up again this year if Kristen will have me and that is super duper fun. Getting to see all that yummy plush before the show opens is amazing. I will also be shown in Schmancy this year which I LOVE!!! The show is actually in more than one shop...Fancy is another location which is a few doors south of Schmancy. Then there is a shop in the middle called Nancy which is an art/stationary shop...super cool shop...but I am not sure if it is also involved? Anywho...I can not wait and this year there will be a few more of my blogging friends showing...Kristina Karkovski will have her amazing Giraffes!!! Maritza of Soto Softies has entered some super amazing plush...and that's just naming a few...It's going to be so amazing I just can't wait...Happy Saturday everyone.xox

Flickr favs!!!
So funny
I wish I could live in a dollhouse
Yummy light...yummy
Love all of it
Mai...wow...love this. xo
So cute

what can be gained by taking away? and can you subtract by adding?

CATEGORY: | Thursday, September 13, 2007
Linen closet
Kitchen cupboard
Our very old medicine cabinet...
Our messy art cupboard
Me at 1 1/2 years old...just look at those cheeks!!

I was totally inspired by Martha yesterday and what she said about subtracting and adding. Which is where the title of my post comes from. I find it absolutely fascinating and realized as I was reading it that I have been obsessed by these 2 questions ever since I can remember. I was born to be a pack rat. I LOVE to collect things. I acquire, admire and donate often. I have lists running thru my head each day. I take my living space and divide it up and go thru all the stuff I have. Do I need it? Will I use it? Why do I still have it? I have old letters from many folks. Why?
I keep clothing that I don't wear....shoes...socks... I went thru a coffee table book phase. All to do with photography. I would go to the University Book store sale tables and hunt for a bargain. We live in a small space and my life would be so much richer and fuller if I had less stuff yet I continue to hang on to too much. The energy attached to this constant battle is not helping me in life. It is not attracting good things to my life. So why can't I change? Is it the time that it takes to sort thru it? Am I self sabotoging? Why am I attracted to stuff? What makes me need some of the things I feel I need...or want? Several years in the past on New Year's Day I have announced that it will be the year of minimal Dawn. I have note cards inside my cupboards with positive affirmations and one of them is minimal Dawn will prevail. I think it is time to subtract so that I may add and I think by subtracting all that stuff that is weighing on me so heavily I will add a certain amount of freeness to my soul. I know there are more important things in life but this is something I have always struggled with. My OCD is not severe by any means but it still takes a lot of energy away from me and I am sick of it. Of course I will continue to acquire stuff but I am going to really, really try to change how I view it. I think for me if I don't use it I don't need it.
Instead of buying it I think I will try just admiring it and if and when I HAVE to have something I will only buy it if there is a spot even if that means something else must go. Just think of all the nickels and dimes I can save and how quickly that will add up. Why in no time at all my life will be just that much richer.

Oh...I am also feeling very nostalgic lately. I guess with our gorgeous girl at school all day I feel a bit lost. I always said I would never be the kind of Ma that loses her identity to her children...well too late. I don't think it is a bad thing at all but I really need to find myself again. I also have baby on the brain because I we would love to have just one more...even if we have waited a bit too long...that's just how things work out sometime. Time will tell.
Here are some more flickr favs....
I love Pods...even the word is awesome...Pods
The lighting is so yummy
The composition is delightful
This is such a gorgeous shot
I want this book...but do I NEED it?
Such an inspiration...her genius awes me...

BIG BIG thanks to Natalie and finally sharing our mini break

CATEGORY: | Wednesday, September 12, 2007
Meet Percival the Cotton Monster given to me by Natalie...she even included tissues for the first day of Kindergarten for me....so sweet. xo
I have wanted a BIG cotton monster for a long time and we arrived home from errands one day and there was the BIG package and inside was PERCIVAL...thanks Natalie
Natalie also remembered Memphis and sent her some gifts.
Check out the loot she got. Two amazing coloring books, dinos, our first ugly doll (which is on her shcool backpack everyday now) a super cool sticker and an amazing Stegosaurus from Crispina.
I still can't get over how sweet Natalie is!!!

This Dino is gorgeous and she absolutely loves it.
It was sandcastles and wading in the waves with Poppy
The Gucc was having a bit of trouble with the wind + sand equation
Here we are at the BEACH!!!

She grabbed her books and was out on the deck for some me time :)
The walk to the beach....
The Gucc not to thrilled with the water...
Oh the majestic light of the ocean...
So fun to watch...
More wave wadding
Kite flying for the first time....
We really felt like we were the only people there...
Piggy back on the night walk
An amazing sculptured tree...yep...I thought it was real too.
The world was ours for the taking
Basking in all the beach has to offer...

Hello all and once again so sorry for my lame blogging of late. Tryin to get used to my new life and have come down with the cold Jason has.

Anywho...we rec'd the package from Natalie awhile ago and I am FINALLY posting about it. Natalie is a friend/customer that found me on Etsy. She is my biggest fan and has brought much joy to our lives. Not only does she help out our fam with her purchases but she is one of the nicest people I have ever known. I am just so very, very thankful she found me. We had been running errands one day and came home to this package filled with goodies...seriously I just kept saying over and over 'I Can't believe this!!' This is just so nice!!' So it is with much affection and appreciation that I am sharing this amazing package that Natalie sent out of the kindness of her heart. Thank you so very, very much Natalie!!! You seriously ROCK!!!

I also wanted to share a bit of our mini break that we took at the end of August. We went to Long Beach and stayed at the Breakers. The drive was fun and the weather nice. We, Jason and I were not in LOVE with the Breakers but we had a mini kitchen and could walk to the beach. Unfortunately we think the Fabreze that was used in the room prior to our arrival ( we despise chemical smells and I guess it is because they make us sick) caused our gorgeous little Memphis to break out in hives. They started slowly and on the second day her poor little face had 3 giant blister hives. You can still see the red marks on her face from them. I really hope they don't leave scares. Anywho besides that little bummer we all had a blast. Poor Gucci was taken on 3 to 4 walks a day and I had to carry him a lot. He tried really, really hard but his little legs just couldn't take all that walking. Memphis was in love with the Hotel, the beach, the new kite, the cool shop. We went on a night walk each night and only ate out once. It was super duper fun and I have my amazing husband to thank. He planned it all. So...I am off to sew, sew, sew....hope everyone is having a super week. I am lonely and confused but soon will be used to all my free time. I miss her so very much but she is doing so great in Kindergarten and I am so proud....xoxo