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A couple Conjoined Jack Rabbit Love=Creatures in my shop NOW

CATEGORY: | Thursday, January 31, 2008

Just like I promised a few Cojoined Jacks in the shop. Tomorrow in the late afternoon, early evening I will list a few more Love=Creatures as well...thanks for stopping by!!!! :)

A thrifting I will go...a thrifting I will go....

I LOVE these plates...4 @ 99 cents each
So loving this platter... 74 cents
Dress for Ms. Memphis....$4.99

Her new obsession from Kid Robot (not thrifted but she wanted me to photograph them)
Sweet horse for 99 cents
Always get some books!!!
Crisp vintage bottom sheet $2.99
Vintage linen/cotton blend fabric $1.49

Hello all and happy Thursday. I was super excited to watch Project Runway and did not realize it was going to be a repeat...total bummer!!! Oh well...there's always Super Model tonight. For those of you that have not watched it yet...I love it but am having a bit of a problem with all the naughty photo shoots. Tonight they are modeling for some art class and have to be nude. Whatever....I guess it always has to be about sex because I guess it sells. Had coffee and went thrifting with my good Friend Trisha. It was super nice to see her and fun to have somebody to thrift with and coffee...well I had tea. So...I have two conjoined Jack Rabbits to list, a square (that I have not had for awhile now) two owlettes and one owl. Should have them up in the shop tonight and tomorrow. Tomorrow it's off to Memphis' class for show and tell and then to the doctors. Good times. Today I would love to share some of my favorite new Etsy finds....hope you like them and hope your day was a super as mine. :)

Love bgreendesign....art that comes in it's own cool bag

So cool...carolynsjing....love the deers!!

Phatsheep....awesome bag

Paperstampede...sosososososso cool

Amazing stuff by Michelle Caplan

Thanks for stopping by....xoxo

Suzannaanna....cool art for very good prices!!!

Special Orders....finally finished...no more for a bit :)

CATEGORY: | Wednesday, January 30, 2008
Some of the special orders I am finally done with...no more for awhile :)

What my husband left in the cupboard...ate it...little by little today...ugh

What I had to take to get rid of the tummy pain from chocolate bar

What my bookclub is reading...it was my choice and I am loving it....:)

Memphis is studying Japan and painted this after school yesterday....

A slew of finally finished special orders....

This cutie is actually in my shop NOW!!

Loving the fact that I am done with special orders...I love them but when they pile up I feel badly...longing to just create whatever I want but have a few older whsl orders to complete...must fill shop up a bit first....tummy is super sensitive...must stay away from chocolate...coming down from chocolate high right now...crashing big time....still gray and very cold out...washed dog last night...he smells so good now. We wash him with Aveda shampoo and conditioner...he is so spoiled...can't wait for Project Runway tonight....now I will share a few flickr favs...happy Wednesday!!!!!

still loving YELLOW
such a cool photo
a dream of mine to own some of these...
what a GREAT find
want that lion!!!!

I love my Chi Chi.......7 things about Gucci or as we like to call him 'The Gucc!"

CATEGORY: | Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Snow flake flowers Memphis made for me because I am sick. :)
Seven things about my Chihuahua Gucci....

1. He loves to do what we call the wiggle waddle. He rolls around on his back on the carpet and has a good ole time. He also does the wiggle waddle every morning on Memphis' damp towel that she tosses on the ground while she gets dressed. It's really funny to see. Sometimes if she is cuddled on the rug too long wrapped in her towel, avoiding getting dressed, Gucci will take his nose and try to flick the towel off of her.

2. Gucci snorts all the time. He didn't used to but as he gets older he snorts when he is happy, when he takes a deep breath to relax, when he is sniffing around our home and well a whole bunch of other times. So Jason keeps calling him Pig Dog which Memphis and I do not like. It is funny though...and because of this he also snores....sometimes really loud.

3. Gucci is in LOVE with my Ma...he loves Gemini women in general but if you say my Ma's name out loud his ears perk up his head tilts and he goes looking for her. When he was younger and my Ma would leave he would sit by the door with his nose pointed towards it waiting for her to return sometimes for as long as an hour. He even sat up on a chair once for about an hour just looking out the window for her. He is just so funny.

4. Gucci loves to give kiss attacks....especially surprise kiss attacks. He just can't control himself.

5. Gucci does not like it when I sew at night and will just stand and stare at me until I take a break on the couch so he can lay down by me. He is so crazy sometimes I have to put his dog bed on a chair next to my sewing chair and pet him a bunch.

6. Gucci can sit up like a circus dog and does it all the time.

7. Gucci has about a billion facial expressions and I can read almost all of them. He is very spoiled and will only eat dog food that is organic, real and doesn't have bi-products.

I just love my dog....and he loves all of us and is super even if he is a bit nutso.
He can not handle strangers and will nip if pressed. Not good I know but he is an alpha male and I adore him.

7 things about me....

CATEGORY: | Monday, January 28, 2008

I was tagged by Janne last week...so here are 7 things about me....I took her idea and also added visual images to add to my 7 things....

#1. Flickr is a big addiction for me. I LOVE all the art work, photos and folks I have as friends (Meg, Jen, Lisa, Erin, Martha, Janne, Steph, Kristina,Kate, Allison Amy, Tricia, Elisabeth, Andrea, Jenny, Ping, Ryoko, Jen, Mary, Amanda, Hillary, Jessee, Annie, Vic, Kitty,and sooooo many others) . It keeps me going when I get bummed out and inspires me when I run out of energy. I just love posting photos and seeing what, if anything, is said. I thank anyone that has ever made a wonderful comment...seriously they can make my day. :)

#2. I, as you should all know by the title of my blog, am a true plush-a-holic....but my absolute obsession is handmade Plush. When we have a bigger place I will buy or have my talented hubby make me a modern simple display case for my collection. That way the dust will be kept away and I can be inspired everyday by them. The fabric, the expressions, the details, the simplicity...I LOVE IT ALL!! I am super duper drawn to items from childhood. I love vintage kids toys too.

#3. My favorite number is 12. I was born on December 12th. The 12th month/12th day. It just so happens that 12 is also one of my hubby's favorite numbers is 12 too. He has more than one favorite number. As a side note...my brother was born on 3/3...March 3rd. Kinda weird.....

#4. I am an even bigger fabric-a-holic and almost named my blog that. I seriously can't get enough vintage fabric. It is a real obsession of mine. I wish I could go to Australia or Amsterdam or Sweden...that is where most all of my favorite fabrics come from. I love Scandinavian design!!! The thrill of the hunt for vintage fabric is a HUGE part of why I love it so much. It's so intoxicating when you find an amazing vintage fabric for next to nothing and make something out of it with your own hands. I just LOVE it. Totally obsessed!!!

#5. I love Chihuahuas.....LOVE them. Ours is a handful and not friendly to strangers but I am used to it by now. I love him so very much. His name is Gucci and he is 7 years old and a Virgo. He is what they call a tri-color. My first Chihuahua was named Picasso and he was a black and tan. He ran away one day while I was at work. Just booked it out the door. An older woman found him, dead, on the side of the road and brought him to the pound. I lived with my Aunt, Uncle and 3 cousins at the time in NJ and was due to leave back home to Seattle that week. I will always be forever grateful to the woman that brought him in. If she hadn't I would still wonder what happened to him. Poor little guy. He was only 3 years old.

#6. I love my husband and my daughter. I am crazy for both of them and daily thank the stars I have them in my life. My husband is the love of my life and I still cannot believe I was lucky enough to find him. Trust me I really tried to mess things up at the start but it all worked out and this year we will be celebrating our 18th year together and our 13 year of marriage. We were super young when we met but it really feels in many ways like yesterday. We still have a passion for one another and know each other so well it is scary but oddly enough we are always learning new things and growing together. I am seriously so very, very lucky to have him....and because of our love we now have our amazing, incredible daughter....She is the light of our lives....love her to pieces and it is fascinating to see both of us in her and to see her becoming her own person. We could not have a better child!!!!

#7. I love indie artists...LOVE LOVE LOVE collecting their work and have a decent collection these days. It's so amazing to be able to afford a print and have it inspire you daily. Etsy really is an amazing site and I feel so very lucky to have found it and the people on it. Ashley G. was one of my first real Etsy friends but I have continued to make others and it is amazing.

Anywho...there you have it....thanks Janne for asking me to play.........

Snow Snow Snow Snow

It snowed today but not enough to play in...I am also sick...:)

Gucci was CRAZY for the snow. He was running in circles like a mad man...

Trip to the Science center with buddy Owen and his Ma....Poppy also came along..

Our daughter is going to turn into a noodle
New Campers for only $20.00!!!! SCORE...big sale going on at our favorite Kid's Shoe store...
Somebody has been going thru my jewelry and came out to show me this little hand....

Sick with a bad cold, pregnant...in my 28th week now. Not having fun. Missed my doctor's appointment today. Called to see when it was and it had already happened. Snowed today but there wasn't any school anyway do to a in between semesters day off thing...Weekend was jammed packed with fun and I actually rested a bit on Saturday. We had ballet watching day, where we get to go and watch and take photos. It was fun. After that lots of family errands and fun time. Sunday we went to the Science Center with some friends. Today it snowed and I am sick but we still were super busy with stuff but I managed to rest a bit. Still sewing on some new stuff and special orders....will share sooooooooon. Oh...the show I was in 'Plushed....Art Gone Soft is now up for sale here....
Still not feeling good...this week is busy so I hope it goes away fast. Anywho...happy Monday....supposed to snow more tonight.....

flickr favs coming up....
thanks Amanda
how amazing is this!!! Thanks for sharing it Meg
Love this new group...this one is so fab
Loving that bunny....of course...
Love this

I am feeling a bit grumpy....

CATEGORY: | Thursday, January 24, 2008
Today I am feeling a bit grumpy so I thought I would post my 'LOVE STARE' Valentine I made for Jason last year....being pregnant is not my bag. I know, I know when it is over it will be worth it but I am not having the best of times.....I have acid reflux...my bones are hurting...hard to sleep...you know the drill. I try not to complain here on my blog but well...today I am. Anywho...I am almost done with the special orders I am late on and about to start filling my shop up. I have one piece for the shop so far and will share it a bit later....

Anywho...I hope your Thursday is going fantastic!!!
Here are a few flickr favs to cheer me up....

Want this

LOVE this...
so cute
great shot
super cool
big blue eyes...
want want want

Gloomy day...home with sick kid....

CATEGORY: | Thursday, January 17, 2008
Amazing shirt/jacket for Memphis and she LOVES it!!!...Shirts For the baby boy...

A HUGE pet peeve of mine....first of all I don't really like my front door
rug and am on the look out for a way cooler one but why oh why can't he put his shoes ON the rug??????

It was Lisa's Birthday today!!!! Happy Birthday Lisa!!! I stayed home with sick Memphis and may be doing the same tomorrow. Worked a bit on a few things and trying to finish my special orders that I am WAAAAY behind on....finally got my pieces for 'Plushed...Art Gone Soft' show!!!
Liz rec'd them so they are there!!! Turns out they are going to offer them up for sale on-line which is super duper cool. Thanks for all your hard work Liz. Watched the Super Model show tonight and a Project Runway last night. Had a fun day with my friend Rose yesterday and her daughter Lotte. Feeling a bit tired from the boy but getting excited. Started to feel a bit sick myself today but I think I am just tired...hope so. Anywho...that's it for me... a few flickr favs...
and I'm Outtie!!!

wow...I want snow
sooooo pretty
Such a cool photo and a great coat too...xo
too too cute...I hope we have a red head...
want these chairs sosososos bad
such a great idea
oozing coolness....
I'm gonna make a donkey soon and I saw this the other day...weird...super cool photo

Cleaned, thrifted, walked dog, post office, rested, sewed...oh and looked for baby stuff online...

CATEGORY: | Friday, January 11, 2008
Our kitchen sink...
New cushion!!!! Thrifted!!!
Thrited upclose cushion!!!
The Gucc
This is a mini crib with wheels...perfect for us right now!!!

So today...I did some cleaning...looked online for baby stuff...we are going to register tomorrow...picked up Memphis went to Post office...walked dog...went thrifting and now I am going to sew.....That's about it for me folks... Hope y'all have a fabu weekend.
Here are a few new links to check out....

Essimar Etsy shop...amazing
Howlindoggie...Etsy shop...love some of the pendants
reiter8...what a great idea... Etsy shop
yorktown road...Etsy shop...great runners...
fox in the woods...I love the some of these so much. Etsy Shop