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Lovely Doll Love=Creatures

CATEGORY: | Thursday, January 29, 2009

Hello hello hello...so sorry for the LONG absence. I have been so crazed....birthday parties, sick kid, housework, Soren is a pistol, errands, dog walks......finally my Lovely Doll Love=Creatures are ready to go. I have 3 of them in the shop right now and will list 5 more tomorrow...asap. When Soren goes down for a nap will pop them in the shop. I had sooooo much fun making them and don't want to let them go. Like I said before they will not be cheap...each one takes approx 4 hours to make if I focus...so I think it's fair to charge what I have and if they don't sell...I guess I will just be stuck with them....They are all one of a kind. Their hair is stitched and they have been swimming around in my brain for years now. It feels so fantastic to bring them to life. Anywho...I promise not to disappear again....until tomorrow....:)

The Lunch Date Blouse GIVEAWAY!!!!

CATEGORY: | Saturday, January 17, 2009

Plaid and stripes for Friday...final day of color week....waaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhh

CATEGORY: | Friday, January 16, 2009

Part of an amazing package we rec'd from Natalie...one of my biggest supporters...many in the handmade plush world adore her but I doubt they do as much as I do!!!!! More on this package later :)
So...my very first color week comes to a close....boo hoo...I might just do my own again next Mon-Fri.....it really inspired me to see what is around my world...to take daily photos (already do that...but of different stuff) and it was just so fun....Thanks soooo much Leya!!! I also love striped socks like Meg & Amy but am not wearing any today....sick today and so is Memphis...she had to stay home from school...has a fever, sore throat...39 kids were out sick today at her school...that's 10% of the school population....geezzzz....anywho...gotta run...sick kid to keep happy :) For more amazing photos from color week check out Leya's blog...Curious Bird!!

Pink Thursday......

CATEGORY: | Thursday, January 15, 2009

Today was busy and I forgot my camera while I was out...I had plans of capturing some Valentine's Display but alas it was not to be. Happy Pink day all....xoxo
for more glorious photos from Color week please check Curious Bird....thanks again Leya!!!

In the land of dolls there once lived a lady that was crazy for them...


Finally I have finished the dolls I have been plugging away at. Man Soren is just so active and usually only takes one very short nap...right now...and I have to try and squeeze it all in at night after he goes to bed and I have to be inspired to work on them...geez...it's so hard sometimes to find energy for me....but Soren is so cute and fun and we have a great time. Anywho...tody is pink Thursday so I will be back later in the day to post my pink photos.....the thing about these dolls is they take a long time to make and I am just having the hardest time letting them go but in this batch at least one or two will go into my shop...it will take me a bit to get them in. I will post about them before I put them in my shop and I am not going to reserve them...they will not be cheap but they will be reasonable and it will just be so hard to see one go....I love dolls...see you later today xoxo

Yellow Wednesday...I heart yellow!!!!

CATEGORY: | Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Yellow yellow yellow...can never ever have enough of yellow....This color week is such blast. I love it so much. Almost all of this yellow was found in our home...since I am here so much with my cutie Soren...who happens to be napping right now...it was hard to pick what to do...but when he wakes up we are going on some errands...this week is flying by...Memphis has been much better in the morning...Soren is sleeping a little more and I got to go out last night!!! Kristen brought me some goodies and we went to Odd fellows which I really really liked. I had a great time. She is so easy to talk to and I love to be out and about. I realized as I was walking to meet her that there is a whole entire world outside of mine...people coming home from work...walking their dogs...meeting up for drinks....it was an eye opener. Man the first months of a new baby are just so surreal....you are so focused on the baby you really forget about a lot especially if you are a stay at home Ma. Anywho...I hope I get out more often in the near future because it was super fun. I am lucky to know so many amazing people and I really need to get out more....Happy YELLOW Wednesday...for more of color week check out Leya's blog...curious bird...for links...

Color week...PURPLE...yea...I kinda went ape over purple...weird

CATEGORY: | Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Yep...I found a lot of purple in my world...weird because I like purple but until recently I wasn't so crazy about it so I thought it would be harder to find and I didn't even go many places today so most of it came from my home....
Going out tonite with the fabu Kristen...finally we are going to go out. Today was filled with many diaper changes....three clothing changes for Soren...one bedding change...many bottle feedings...baby food feedings...playing together...dog walk and of course drop off and pick up at school for Memphis...sooooooo I can't wait to go out and just be plain Dawn...just plain Dawn...sounds really nice right now. xoxoxo Happy Tuesday :)
For more color photos visit Leya's blog for links....I love this color week...it's soooooo fun!!!