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42nd day of life for Soren....

CATEGORY: | Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Hello there bloggy friends...I have been so busy with Soren and hubby is back to work so it's just me. Dropping Memphis off and picking her up is a whole new ballgame. Lots of car seat lifting. I am definitely over tired and sleepy a lot but I have to say this time around it is much easier and I am having fun. Going to sew tonight and hopefully this week sometime. Soren likes to stay awake until it is time to pick up Memphis which is most of the day. So...until we get into the swing of things sewing will be a challenge. He is just so gorgeous and has already won my heart. He has learned how to smile, is trying to hold up his head and loves to push up with his legs. He is a strong little guy. Everyone thinks he looks just like Jason but I see both of us in there. Mostly though, I see Soren. A little man waiting to take on the world. He loves his big sister and she loves him madly. It is so wonderful to watch them together and I feel so very blessed to have him with us.
Anywho...other things that I have coveted lately...
this movie...
this shop and this t-shirt
this bean bag chair
this awesome puzzle
this cd
this sculpture
this tattooed doll...I love them.

Etsy love...spread it around :)

CATEGORY: | Saturday, May 17, 2008

Blackeyedsuzie.etsy.com....if I could afford it...it would be mine

Bellaserababy.etsy.com...I have bought a few things from this shop :)

Love all the plush over at makeitawesome.etsy.com

if money were no object...terrygraziano.etsy.com
Of all the finds I WANT this one so BAD!!! Oh how I love it so!!!

So there you have it...a bunch of stuff I covet but alas cannot afford. One day, one day...I will go on Etsy and buy whatever I want without any reason at all and I venture to guess that a lot of it would be gifts for others...I LOVE ETSY!!! (I do feel all the prices for the pieces I covet above are very fair...just can't swing it right now. )

Lauren of Lauren Smash.etsy.com


This is Lauren of LaurenSmash.etsy.com and these are her creations and her photos...she rocks and you should check out her work if you have not already!

Love this little gal...the cape is too cute!!!

Adore her butterflies...so cute
Always love robots...

Hi...today I am doing a posting about Lauren of Lauren Smash Toys...she is such a sweet person and from what I can see by reading her blog lately she is not doing so super. So since my blog is dedicated to Plush and people that make plush I thought it would be a super idea to mention her. I love her work and she is also one of my Flickr friends. So Lauren...I truly hope that you are doing better and that you continue to create amazing plush...you rock and loads of folks love ya. xoxoxo :) Thanks for being my friend and for always saying such wonderful things about me, my work and my fam. You seriously deserve to be happy and I hope you soon are :). Oh and by the way LOVE the new haircut. :)

I leave you with a few flickr favs
Love this photo and our son sleeps the same way
I really like this
serious shoe love
Martha is truly a genius
super cute
I want one of these

What's happening this week.....

CATEGORY: | Thursday, May 15, 2008

Ma's day at my Ma's...brother, niece, nephew, cousin, cousin's daughter, step dad (not with my Ma anymore and we are basically estranged)

Soren discovers his blanket...made by my Ma.

Lots of artwork

Blankie from Target

More mail love from Auntie Bon Bon and Uncle Al...they sent this outfit and one for when he is bigger. :)

Ma's day photos

Visit with some good friends

Out and about in Ballard

Hat bought at Velouria!!! It is a super duper amazing shop in Ballard. The owner is a sweetheart and Lisa Congdon is having a show there in June called 'Wondermountain' can't wait to meet her.
Hope I am not a total dork that day. :)

Just wanted to say a quick hello and catch you up with what's happening around here.
More soon...really trying to fit in some sewing but we are about to have a heat wave. I welcome the sun but the sudden higher temps don't agree with me so much. Oh well...it's only supposed to last 2 days so we will enjoy it.... hope eveyone else's week is going great...loving that new baby Soren...he is already such a character...and I was afraid of having a boy...:)

so loving this...

this is my all time fav

Happy Mother's Day to all....it should be a spectacular day!!

CATEGORY: | Saturday, May 10, 2008

My Ma in Highschool...she lived in Chicago and was considered a bit of a hoodlum due to her
fashion choices...
Memphis the artist..my first born
Memphis and Soren...my kids :)
Abstract art from my Artist
My Cheeky monkey...:)

So...tomorrow is Mother's day...here's wishing all of you mothers a wonderful, glorious fun filled day. That includes those of you that have pets as kids!! Gucci is also my baby...he was actually my 2nd...our cat Churchie was my first. He is gone now but we will always miss him and have wonderful memories of our life with him. Now that I have two kids it feels so weird. Two...two..two I just keep saying it in my head over and over. I feel truly blessed and I have to say other than marrying Jason...they are the best things I have ever done in my life! I feel so very, very lucky to have them and to love them and be loved by them. That's really all life is about...love. Being loved and loving is what makes us what we are...it's what gives our lives meaning and what keeps us going. Both of our children and our dog are amazing and without them our lives would not be as rich, exciting or full. I would also like to say that my Mother is amazing and I only wish she thought so. She is giving, caring and lots of fun. She makes me laugh a lot and we are the best of friends. Thanks Ma...I love you..we all do. xoxo Happy Ma's Day everybody!!!!!

Never Never land

CATEGORY: | Friday, May 9, 2008

From Milk Magazine...my all time fav mag issue#19 photo by Delphine Chanet

Milk Magazine issue#19 photo by Vee Speers

Milk Magazine issue#19

For about a week or so now....I have had a feeling that I am in Never Never Land...floating thru time in an unaltered state of being. That's what a new baby and a 6 year old with the flu will do to you...make you feel like you are floating and time is suspended. Thank goodness yesterday her fever broke and things are now moving in real time. I have said it before and I will say it again...'You have nothing if you don't have your health'. Seriously...when you are down and out just think about how lucky you are to be healthy. Life is hard enough but when you are sick or severely run down...life is down right impossible. The smallest things bum you out or exhaust you and you feel as if your feet will never be planted firmly on the ground again. Well...our feet are firmly planted again and we have stopped treading water...life get ready because we are back in the game....Full speed ahead!!!!!!

Just wanted to share some pics from our walk today...it was gorgeous outside and we went to baby show and tell in Memphis' class.....her first day back to school too. We got to bring Soren to Memphis' class and it was great. He of course slept thru his debut but it was spectacular all the same. He has obtained his baby acne, wish babies didn't get that but we have lots of red head blood so we can't escape it. Our doc says it's due to hormones. Very weird. He is gaining weight again and grew and inch!!! We went to the Gap today and scored some sale socks and a pair of green leggings for our boy...looked for Memphis but nothing thrilled me. Then it was off to Barnes and Noble to buy a couple mags...Milk and Living Etc. My top two favs along with Elle Decor UK!! I'm all about the photos and the homes. Saw a gorgeous house for rent today...only $2800.00 a month but man was it big and gorgeous. I found myself thinking wow...what would we do with all that space? That would be one problem that I would welcome with open arms!!

Ok...enough of me ranting. This weekend I need to share my mail love and maybe I'll even get a chance to sew again...it's been so long I hope I remember how. :)

A few flickr favs...
How amazing are those faces!!!
I love this sooooo much!!
Great great shot
what a score
love the kid love the chair
score score

Baby Soren is here....sorry for the long absence.....:)

CATEGORY: | Thursday, May 8, 2008

Baby Soren was born April 17th and weighed 9 lbs 10 ounces...it was a C-Section and it was so very weird. Like an out of body experience. I seriously don't know how to describe it. All the nurses, both doctors and everyone else were all really wonderful to me. The anesthesiologist was amazing. His name was Sammy Saloma...not sure if I spelled it right or not. He had a really soothing accent and was originally from Egypt. He helped a great deal to keep me calm and was just one of the nicest men ever. The nurses that cared for us after were all super nice except one nurse. She was not nice and was really weird. When Soren was born everyone one in the room agreed that we made the best choice doing a C-section. He was so big...and still is of course. He is already 22 inches long and not even 3 weeks old yet...he grew an inch. Anywho...I just wanted to say a quick hello...this last week has been horrible. Memphis got really sick. It started Saturday, she didn't feel well and skipped ballet. Sunday she felt a bit worse and on Monday she had a fever and was throwing up. She continued to have a fever that ranged between 99 degrees and 104 degrees, with the average temp being 102-103. We finally took her to the doc's on Wednesday and she had a bunch of tests done. We get the results back tomorrow but today she woke up and did not have a fever, did not throw up, was walking around, talking and managed to eat some real food. So we think it may have been a flu thing. Anywho...with the new boy and her being sick we are wiped out. Sorry for being absent from my own blog and for not returning emails. I have a lot of cool mail love to share and plan on blogging about it within the next couple days..hopefully tomorrow. Thanks Kay, Ashley and Sandra. I will definitely post about what you sent me soooon. xoxo