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Finally....a doll has been completed....after years and years

CATEGORY: | Tuesday, December 30, 2008

After many years of thinking about making and wanting to make I have finally made a doll. I love how it turned out. I wanted one that was modern, two dimensional, serious, hair sewn, big red lips, and at least two fabrics and here she is... I love how she turned out. Anywho...way more to share...loads of X-mas love and some more ideas....stressed a bit about the new laws starting in February that will be horrible for handmade toys...my stuff is bought by a lot of collectors though so I could just call it something else but handmade toys are amazing and I don't want this to hurt so many artists/crafters/toy makers...I have read about it all over the web and hopefully they will amend the new laws so Handmade toys will still be possible. Check it a out here.....it totally stresses me out so I am going to do my part and try to help out. Anywho...must go rest/sew.....more to share later. xoxo
Happy New Year to ALL!!!

Happy Happy Merry Merry Have yourself and all that good stuff...

CATEGORY: | Tuesday, December 23, 2008

I really can not believe it is already Christmas time AGAIN....man...the years just keep going faster and faster. I can hardly even keep up anymore. This year we have had a Blast of snow...it was blizzard like conditions for awhile and we even had a few snow drifts in our yard. It's been here since Thursday and it just kept coming and coming. The whole city has slowed down and you know what...I like it. It's so quiet outside and so bright. Anywho...I can't wait for Santa to come because I have been very good this year and mostly I can't wait to see the kids faces...Memphis is crazy for Christmas. So...Happy Happy and Merry Merry...don't drink and drive and most of all relax and enjoy.

X-mas trees in my shop tomorrow...sometime in the Morn...

CATEGORY: | Friday, December 19, 2008

A few (two to be exact) are promised to Meg...as part of my swap to her....I will find out tomorrow which ones she loves and then the others will be in the shop in the Morn....Sorry for the delay...I am crazed as USUAL...I am not even going to get started with how crazed but I am crazed. I am seriously loosing it at this point. Last week Memphis went to School 2 hours late Monday and Tuesday and was off the rest of the week for snow. Although very fun...I have gotten almost nothing done....but fun is the most important thing. Next year my new motto will be 'Live the life you imagine'....I saw it on Tricia's Flickr and I have seen and heard it before(david thoreau) but Tricia's flickr reminded me....the only problem I foresee is that I have a VERY large imagination and I have to say the life I imagine is a lot bigger than the one I have...for instance...I would live in a 4 bedroom home that was at least 16oo square feet...it would have an upstairs and an attic and a detached garage. It would be an older home...it would have a modest but private yard...I would drive a Audi all sport (wagon of course)...it would be silver...I would have more time to create...I would travel to sunny locations and to forested locations...my home would be in a quiet neighborhood with other children...I would not watch much TV...I would exercise a lot...I would eat more fruit...I would relax...I would not lose it or stress....
Anywho...as you can see...my imagination is very large and I did just stop myself there...I could have kept going....I would now like to share some cool things I have seen/found on the interweb...
Erin's Quilt..I just Die....I die when I see it
Amy Arnold's dolls....I have LOVED them forever but my favorite one is on SALE!!! Oh life you are cruel...of course I can not get it but...why did I have to see this?
These pants for Memphis...love love love
I love this Lesport Sac back pack....love it
This ginger bread person....brilliant
These beautiful cookies...
This gorgeous collection of work...
These adorable bears
I could keep going...but time is running out....See ya tomorrow...I hope

Buzy buzy buzy buzy...aaaaahhhhh and a shout out for some ETSY X-mas finds...

CATEGORY: | Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Daily routine

Crazy boy

Yup...I'm cute...

X-mas trees soon to be in my shop :)

AMAZING scarf made by my Mama from a vintage pattern I saw in one of her old knitting books!!! I LOVE it so much.
Another year...I made it!

Happy happy Merry merry Reindeer in our house!

Phew...I am just hanging in...Packages to wrap. House to clean...dinners to make... school drop off...school pick up....decorating that never seems to end...snow...freezing weather...very cold dog walks that are much shorter...dark way too early...crashing on my kids floor when Papa gets home...sewing into the wee hours...lists running thru my head all the time...age is starting to show...AMAZING scarf my Mama made me for my Birthday....Soren is way too cute...Charlie Brown Specials...books to read...more hot chocolate to drink...preparing for winter storm...2 hour late start to school two days in a row...and I am losing it a bit. Running out of gas.
Anywho...I wanted to share a few of my favorite Etsy X-mas finds....so here goes...oh and Eva...I will participate in the tag...soon. Thanks so much :)

I wore a pair similar to these at My hubby's X-mas Party...Hende...gorgeous work

Love=Creatures are for sale at Supermaggie.....

CATEGORY: | Sunday, December 14, 2008

Busy busy busy weekend. Snow fun...Birthday fun...X-mas shopping with good friends...
right now I'm sewing but must go to bed...more tomorrow about my fabulous B-day!!! I love the snow so much but I really don't like driving in it at all...too many hills here. It's very pretty though :)

Happy Birthday to ME...Happy Birthday to ME....12 12 ROCKS!!!

CATEGORY: | Friday, December 12, 2008


Happy Birthday to Me
Happy Birthday to ME
Happy Birthday Dear Me...
Happy Birthday to ME!!!
Yup...many, many moons ago on this day 12.12 I Dawn came into this big wonderful world at 10:04 AM and I weighed 7 pounds 11 1/4 ounces! I was not an easy delivery but then all the great things in life are always the hardest...right? I would like to thank my Ma today for bringing me into this world and for making me the person I am. She has always supported me and told me I was great. She is a very strong woman. When I was 6 and my brother was 4 she divorced my dad and moved from the Midwest to the West. She left behind most of her family and moved in with her oldest brother and his family. We lived with them for 6 months until my Ma could afford a house of our own. It was in a low income neighborhood and was really small but it was ours. My Ma worked hard to support us and make sure we had what we needed and I will always appreciate that. Thanks Ma!!! I think I turned out pretty great and I appreciate all you did for me.
Happy Birthday to ME!!!!!!

CATEGORY: | Thursday, December 11, 2008

Amazing piece by Christopher Bettig

I saw this the other day and can't stop thinking about it. I am an absolute Royal Tenenbaums Junkie. One of the names we picked for Memphis was Royal and it was even before we saw the movie. So we made it one of her middle names. I can't tell you just how much this movie means to me. Everything about it is amazing. I of course also love Life Aquatic ,Rushmore and Darjeeling Limited. After seeing Life Aquatic I was totally convinced I would name my next child (if I should have one) Zissou. Jason and I would walk around saying Zissou all the time and smiling. We both grew up watching Jacques Cousteau and loved him. So of course we were in love with the movie right away. I love how much attention to detail Wes has in his work. I love all the choices he makes along the way and the way he casts his movies. The soundtracks are out of this world and whenever I am watching one of his movies I forget all about the troubles in my life and the troubles of the world and it feels nice to not worry about stuff for awhile. I just become completely absorbed and when they end I am a bit stunned...stunned back into my reality and sadden that my escape is over. I know you must be thinking I don't like my life after reading that but that's not it at all. I have a fantastic life filled with many joys...I just worry too much. It's also that Wes creates worlds that I want to live in and I don't want to leave when the movies are over. I loved the house in The Tenenbaums, the ship in Life Aquatic and I wanted to be on that train in Darjeeling Limited. I am just constantly amazed by all of his films and I will be waiting very patiently for the next one...anyone heard anything????
Happy Thursday...my Birthday is tomorrow...and Jason has the whole day off!!!

Wish list for me and my lovelies....

CATEGORY: | Wednesday, December 10, 2008

More More More

Please see my flickr for photo credits....

Okay so I am a bit stressed of late. Being a full time Ma to two kids is wiping me out. My wonderful daughter whom I love dearly is pushing me to my limits especially in the morning. I have to figure out a smart way to get her to take more responsibility in the morning. There is just so much to do and never enough time and we argue. I try to keep my cool but I admit I lose it from time to time. The holidays are coming way too FAST this year and I am trying to keep it all fun and exciting but there is only so much time in a day. Anywho...just a really quick release of frustration usually helps. Hope everyone is enjoying the marvelous holiday season!!! xoxo Back to house work and hopefully sewing. Actually managed to get a few things 1/2 done last night. :) Oh...My Birthday is this Friday. Yup I am a Sag...in every sense of the meaning except I don't get to travel much. I would like to. Jason and I will go out to a dinner and movie and he took the WHOLE day off in honor of my Birth. That is so nice of him to do. Anywho...Sag people RULE!!!


CATEGORY: | Tuesday, December 9, 2008

My all time favorite Klee....i really really really love this because I always have house on the brain. I need to buy it and frame it and hang it over my fire place :)

Love love love love love this Meg!!!

I adore the amazing tattooed men from Mimi K...gots to get me one....
I REALLY want one of her dolls...I can't quite afford one yet but someday...from Takiyaje

A lovely Donna Wilson Doll that I wish was mine...I will make dolls soon.
They are my first love...I LOVE handmade dolls!!!

From the fabulous Jess Brown...again if money were no object...MINE Mine MINE

I have always loved Raggedy Ann...this one is from Dawn Lewis

From Black Bird Fashion..I am dying to make more sock dogs :) Memphis would love this guy!

Happy Wednesday!!!