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How was your day dear?

CATEGORY: | Tuesday, March 31, 2009

So yesterday my Ma came over and watched the kids.....OMG it was amazing. I got to get my packages ready, do some light house work, go to the post office and Target and it was so weird to do it all on my own. It really made me realize why I am so tired and get worn out. You see although I LOVE my children very very much...I am one of those people that NEEDS some down time...I NEED quiet and alone time and I NEED to get things done. Yes we play...we go for walks...we have play dates but it was sooooo nice to just be able to get done what I needed to without interruptions. Maybe my Ma will do that more often...:)
In other news I have 17 more Jack Rabbits in the works...and 6 Floppy earred bunnies and hopefully even more will be hopping into the shop by week's end. For any of you that wanted more nautical Jack Rabbits...I have 3 almost done and will try very hard to have them in my shop by days end. We have a busy day ahead...it's Spring Break for us so lots to do, lots to see and much to enjoy....
some recent Flickr favs for you my lovelies....
one of My Jack's new homes
makes me smile
want these pants....
so funny
missed out again :(
Gucci is in love
I make walruses too but this one is amazing


CATEGORY: | Friday, March 27, 2009

So...here is another mini update...and yes one that was already in the shop...still sewing....more Jacks to come this weekend...plus a few floppy earred bunnies...and who knows what else...thanks for checking it out. xoxo Happy Weekending

Pixiegenne ROCKS and must never leave.....

CATEGORY: | Thursday, March 26, 2009

First of all these are all Meg's photos and I hope she doesn't mind but I am borrowing them for this post.

Okay....so Meg has lost her camera which has made her re-think her blogging life....she has also been short on craft/art projects to share of late and is addicted to Facebook(ugh). So I am starting a campaign to tell meg how amazing Pixiegenne is...seriously people we can't lose Pixiegenne. It is one of my all time favorite blogs by one of my all time favorite people. I have never met Meg in real life but when I read her blog I sometimes think we were separated at birth. We have a scary lot in common. Plus she makes stuff like this....

This was made for Memphis....and WE LOVE IT!!!!!!
She fills it up with all her treasures all the time and takes it on any Grandparent/family visits. I think it is so amazing. You can see way more gorgeous items Meg created here....

My favorite wreath ever...made by Meg
Makes gorgeous pin cushions
Finds amazing vintage books and makes amazing art work with them
Makes amazing stuffies

Loves to thrift....just look at all these people that Love Pixiegenne
Makes amazing Hook art work...I LOVE this
Husband has cool tattoos.....

Makes the best sock monkey/robots EVER

Then there are the amazing links she always provides...like today when she linked us all to this.... and this..... as you can see I am a freak for Where the Wild Things are and also for Neil....
Geez....I LOVE NEIL and without Pixiegenne and Meg I would have been in the dark about this. She has linked me to some super amazing Youtube links
like this....
and this
and this
There are oh sooooo many more. Seriously I was soooooo happy today. I woke up and was no longer super duper tired and did not feel sick. The sun was shinning. Soren was still asleep making it easier for me to shower and get ready (well at least partially) My daughter did not fight with me to get ready and MEG POSTED ON PIXIEGENNE!!!!!!!!!!!!!
So seriously folks...please go to Pixiegenne and tell Meg just how much you adore her and her blog....She is amazing and I know we can save Pixiegenne....I just know we can.
Meg....thanks for all you do and share and most of all thanks for being you. I truly hope you keep blogging and if I can I will raise the funds to get you that new camera...at least I put it out there....OMG NEIL!!! That made my day. :)

My weekend kinda floated away.........

CATEGORY: | Sunday, March 22, 2009
So....Memphis got a fever on Thursday...had to leave early from school...missed a school event where her class was singing...took it easy Thursday, Friday and Saturday with a slight fever...Jason took the day off Friday because I also felt terrible...still...Memphis missed a cool Birthday Party on Saturday...thank goodness today she felt much, much better and still made her play date....I cleaned behind the fridge, stove and shelves....felt good...and sewed...and am still sewing...that's it for me...more Jacks coming sooooooooooooon. xoox

Shop Update tonight....Jacks are in my shop NOW!!

CATEGORY: | Monday, March 16, 2009
this weekend was filled with resting, one play date to a movie 'Escape to Witch Mountain'...it was okay...Memphis did not like how violent it was...no blood or injuries just a lot of shooting...bummer...I kinda knew it but her super good friend wanted to see it and I love the original....let's see...it snowed....hailed...rained alot...and we had a wind storm all in one day...geez..I also got to sew a little but mostly I had to rest.....I still have a cold and a bad cough....going to the doc soon if this keeps up...just when I feel a bit better...I get worse....oh well...Memphis had to do the ABC box today at school...they get to take home a suitcase and fill it with 6-12 objects that represent who they are, then on Monday they take the items out one by one and say a bit about each item...then the class writes a biography on them and they write an Autobiography on themselves...it was fun helping her pick the items...she made a book of drawings and a few writings...I made a photo mosaic and put it in a frame...it was fun too...anywho....gotta run Mr. Soren is a yelling at his Mama...that's me :)

These are not my photos...they are my click happy inspiration

CATEGORY: | Saturday, March 7, 2009

I want this bedroom....just LOVE it

I only love vintage fur...I mean it's already here...should have bought this one

amazing puzzle

I think this is an old photo from an Ebay item...should have bought this too

I am addicted to sideboards/credenzas

obsessed with doll houses...seriously

I adore abstract greenery...

Have always dreamed of having a party like this

this is such a brilliant idea

white floors are soooooooo amazing

Before I die I will own couches like these

love it alllllllll
I feel just awful but I have no idea whose photos these are. I just zip around the web and when I see a photo that inspires me I save it. We all do it but I like to give credit to the photos I post...but I thought it would be cool for you to see some of my many inspirations. Most of these I think came from blogs & ebay. I seriously find a few a day. On flickr it's easy because you can fav them and then you always have the credits. I like that. I really really really like flickr...love it in fact. I do know that amongst these there is a Wawaya ...I am a HUGE fan of Ping's and just can't get enough of her work. Anywho...busy working on Jacks, fighting off a new version of an old cold (along with my entire family...big bummer) went to get my brother a B-day gift today...hope he likes it. Super cold here this weekend...has snowed on and off today but isn't really sticking. I am sooooo ready for Spring...I am so tired of mud, gloom, freeze and gray. Seattle is a tough winter City. We don't really get the beauty of a big snow storm(although we finally got one this December) we mostly just get the gloom and doom. Anywho...happy weekending...oh and as you can see I kind of fell off the Green week wagon....sorry...not feeling up to snuff....again yikes...:)

Yup...more Etsy love....

CATEGORY: | Thursday, March 5, 2009

Must have one....by PearsonMaron of Etsy

I love this dog...by OdeliaLa of Etsy

I am in deep love with this milk jug necklace and I can't even drink milk...odd
It's by ballandchain of Etsy

so cute by tabidesigns of Etsy

Well folks...happy Thursday. I actually went out last night with my friend Amy...she is the best...seriously. She brought a bunch of vintage dolls for Memphis...3 were still in the original boxes. I will post them a bit later. She also gave her a bunch of stickers. It was sooooo great to drink wine and chat with her. We have known each other for a long time now and we always have a blast together. I am having a wonderful day even if the weather is crap. Anywho just wanted to spread some more Etsy love...buying handmade makes a big difference...xoxo
I will be back later with a green week post...:)